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The Cat® Built For It™ Trials Bring the Lantern Festival to Light in Remote China

For the residents of China’s remote Yuhu Village, it’s a Lantern Festival unlike any other they’ve seen. Watch Cat® power bring the celebration to light in the latest edition of the Cat Built For It™ Trials.

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It’s amazing what you discover under the surface.

OCEARCH, an organization that facilitates unprecedented research on sharks, relies on Cat® equipment to power the M/V OCEARCH, a 126’ vessel that serves as an at-sea laboratory.

“We need the best equipment in the world and we need the best people in the world working on it,” said Chris Fischer, OCEARCH founder and expedition leader.

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The Cat® Built For It™ Trials Hit the Beach to Go for a New World Record

What do you get when you set a fleet of Cat® equipment and a team of talented operators and sculptors loose in a giant sandbox? A work of art, a world record—and proof that with Cat power and precision, you can build anything you imagine.

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Cat® Mini Excavator Proves It’s Not a “Bull in a China Shop”

The “China Shop” video features an operator maneuvering his Cat® 301.7 CR with the poise of a matador through a crowded “shop” stocked with over $40,000 in delicate merchandise.

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Cat® B15 Smartphone Defies “Gravity” to Prove it Belongs

The “Gravity” video puts one of the newest Cat® products, the B15 smartphone, to the test to see if it’s as rugged as our much larger products.

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The Ultimate Challenge is On in "Stack"

When we play blocks, we play BIG. "Stack" pits five heavy equipment operators against a mountain of massive wood blocks - the largest board game ever played with Cat® equipment.

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