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The R1700G underground loader is designed for high production, low cost-per-ton loading and tramming in underground mining applications. Compact design with agile performance, rugged construction and simplified maintenance ensures excellent productivity, long life and low operating costs. Engineered for performance, designed for comfort, built to last.


Engine Model Cat® C11 ACERT™ Cat® C11 ACERT™ Less
Rated Power 1800.0 rpm 1800.0 rpm Less
Gross Power – SAE J1995 353.0 hp 263.0 kW Less
Gross Power – VR Engine – SAE J1995 353.0 hp 263.0 kW Less
Gross Power – Tier 3 Engine – SAE J1995 (1st-3rd gear/4th gear) 242/263 kW (324/353 hp) 242/263 kW (324/353 hp) Less
Bore 5.1 in 130.0 mm Less
Stroke 5.5 in 140.0 mm Less
Displacement 680.0 in3 11.1 L Less

Operating Specifications

Nominal Payload Capacity – Tramming 30865.0 lb 14000.0 kg Less
Nominal Payload Capacity – Truck Loading 27558.0 lb 12500.0 kg Less
Gross Machine Mass 115745.0 lb 52500.0 kg Less
Static Tipping Load Straight Ahead Lift Arms Horizontal 70065.0 lb 31781.0 kg Less
Static Tipping Load Full Turn Lift Arms Horizontal 57995.0 lb 26306.0 kg Less
Breakout Force (SAE) 46051.0 lb 20885.0 kg Less


Empty 84878.0 lb 38500.0 kg Less
Loaded 112436.0 lb 51000.0 kg Less
Loaded – Tramming 115743.0 lb 52500.0 kg Less
Empty – Front Axle 37346.0 lb 16940.0 kg Less
Empty – Rear Axle 47532.0 lb 21560.0 kg Less
Loaded – Front Axle 81741.0 lb 37077.0 kg Less
Loaded – Rear Axle 30695.0 lb 13923.0 kg Less


Forward 1 2.9 mph 4.7 km/h Less
Forward 2 5.2 mph 8.3 km/h Less
Forward 3 8.9 mph 14.3 km/h Less
Forward 4 15.0 mph 24.1 km/h Less
Reverse 1 3.3 mph 5.4 km/h Less
Reverse 2 5.8 mph 9.4 km/h Less
Reverse 3 10.2 mph 16.4 km/h Less
Reverse 4 15.7 mph 25.3 km/h Less

Hydraulic Cycle Time

Raise 6.8 Seconds 6.8 Seconds Less
Dump 2.9 Seconds 2.9 Seconds Less
Lower, empty, float down 2.4 Seconds 2.4 Seconds Less
Total Cycle Time 12.1 Seconds 12.1 Seconds Less

Bucket Capacities

Bucket Capacity 4.6-8.8 m3 (6.0-11.5 yd3) 4.6-8.8 m3 (6.0-11.5 yd3) Less
Dump Bucket – 1 6.0 yd3 4.6 m3 Less
Dump Bucket – 2 6.5 yd3 5.0 m3 Less
Dump Bucket – 3 (Standard Bucket) 7.5 yd3 5.7 m3 Less
Dump Bucket – 4 8.6 yd3 6.6 m3 Less
Dump Bucket – 5 9.5 yd3 7.3 m3 Less
Dump Bucket – 6 11.5 yd3 8.8 m3 Less
Ejector Bucket 7.3 yd3 5.6 m3 Less
Note High penetration bucket versions also available. High penetration bucket versions also available. Less

Turning Dimensions

Axle Oscillation 8.0 Degrees 8.0 Degrees Less
Articulation Angle 44.0 Degrees 44.0 Degrees Less
Inner Clearance Radius** 127.1 in 3229.0 mm Less
Outside Clearance Radius** 270.8 in 6878.0 mm Less


Tire Size 26.5 × 25 36 PLY STMS L5S 26.5 × 25 36 PLY STMS L5S Less

Service Refill Capacities

Front Differential and Final Drives (with Axle Oil Cooler) 23.8 gal 90.0 L Less
Rear Differential and Final Drives (with Axle Oil Cooler) 23.8 gal 90.0 L Less
Secondary Fuel Tank (If Equipped) 111.0 gal 420.0 L Less
Cooling System 16.6 gal 63.0 L Less
Engine Crankcase with Filter 8.98 gal 34.0 L Less
Front Differential and Final Drives 16.1 gal 61.0 L Less
Fuel Tank 150.5 gal 570.0 L Less
Hydraulic Tank 33.0 gal 125.0 L Less
Rear Differential and Final Drives 16.1 gal 61.0 L Less
Transmission 12.4 gal 47.0 L Less


Brakes ISO 3450, AS2958.1, CAN-CSA424.30-M90 ISO 3450, AS2958.1, CAN-CSA424.30-M90 Less
Cab/FOPS BS EN ISO 3449, SAE J231, AS2294.3 BS EN ISO 3449, SAE J231, AS2294.3 Less
Cab/ROPS ISO 3471, SAE J1040, AS2294.2, EN13510 ISO 3471, SAE J1040, AS2294.2, EN13510 Less

Power Train – Engine

The Cat C11 engine is built for power, reliability and efficiency.

Power Train – Transmission

More power to the ground for greater productivity.


Cat hydraulics deliver the power and control to keep material moving.


Rugged Cat structures – the backbone of the R1700G’s durability.

Operator Comfort

Ergonomically designed for all-day comfort, control and productivity.


Rugged performance and reliability in tough underground mining applications.


More time for production.

Customer Support

Cat dealer services keep underground mining equipment productive.


Designed with safety as the first priority.

R1700G Standard Equipment

  • Alternator, 95-amp
  • Battery Disconnect Switch, Ground Level
  • Corrosive Protection Spray
  • Diagnostic Connector
  • Electric Starting, 24-volt
  • Engine Shutdown Switch
  • External Lighting System, Front, Rear
  • Low Maintenance Batteries
  • Reversing Alarm
  • Starting and Charging System

  • Cat Electronic Monitoring System (Cat EMS)
  • Electric Horns
  • Gauges
  • Pilot Hydraulic Implement Controls, Single Joystick
  • ROPS/FOPS Structure
  • Suspension Seat With Retractable Seat Belt
  • STIC™ Steering

  • Cat C11 ATAAC Diesel Engine with ACERT™ Technology, 6-Cylinder
  • Long Life Coolant
  • SAFR™ Full Hydraulic Enclosed Wet Multiple-Disc Brakes
  • Planetary Powershift Transmission with Automatic Shift Control, 4 Speed Forward/4 Speed Reverse
  • Engine Air Intake Precleaner
  • Torque Converter
  • Transmission Neutralizer
  • Fuel Priming Aid
  • Crossflow Radiator

  • Bucket Positioner, Return To Dig
  • Catalytic Exhaust Purifier/Muffler Group
  • Engine and Transmission Belly Guards
  • Fenders, Front, Rear
  • Firewall
  • Hardox 450 Bucket Lip
  • Rear Frame Protection Wear Bars 100 × 50 mm (4 × 2 in)
  • Semi Centralized Lubrication Points
  • Swing Out Radiator Grill
  • Tires, 26.5 × 25 36-Ply STMS L5S

R1700G Optional Equipment

Alternative Tire Arrangements

Automatic Lube System

Auxiliary Start Receptacle

Brake Light

Brake Pressure Gauges

Brake Release Arrangements

Bucket Heel Shrouds

Bucket Sacrificial Wear Strip Package

Centralized Lube System, Manual

Draw Bar Attachment, Bolt-on

Electronic Access Module

Enclosed Operators Station
  • Air Conditioning
  • Pressurizer
  • Dome Light
  • Radio Ready

Fast Fill System
  • Coolant
  • Engine
  • Fuel
  • Hydraulic
  • Transmission

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Suppression System

Front Light Protectors

Heater, Air Conditioning

Oil Sample Adapters

Payload Control System (PCS)

Remote Control Interface Kit

Reversible Steering

Ride Control System

Seat Covers

Secondary Steering System

Service Tools

Tee Seat

A Commitment to the Mining Industry

As the demand for commodities grows, mining companies need a partner to support them in their efforts. Caterpillar is committed to being that partner.

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