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In addition to its world-class steel rolls, Caterpillar also offers a highly successful range of CEMA C, D, and E class rolls made of a proprietary high-molecular-weight polyethylene (HMWPE). This product is called EXALON®. While steel rolls are effective in most bulk material-handling applications, some applications benefit from the use of the EXALON® roll product. Applications in environments that are highly corrosive, abrasive, and wet, as well as having a tendency for material buildup on the roller, are ideal for the EXALON® roll and its additional features and benefits.

Smooth operators

Tube-based with higher concentricity further enhanced by final machining (poly-body) for reduced belt wear, the EXALON® roll offers balanced, vibration-free running.

Versatile and low maintenance

EXALON® rolls can be retrofitted to any frame - even those of competitors.

Tested for quality

All Cat rolls - EXALON® and steel - are processed through an automated assembly system that tests and records rotational torque, total indicator run-out, and axial end play.

EXALON® benefits at a glance

  • MSHA-certified: Certified for underground use: IC-56/1 - flame-resistant, and IC-56/2 - flame-resistant and static dissipating.
  • Longer shelf life: EXALON® rolls last two to three times longer than steel rolls in highly corrosive and/or highly abrasive environments.
  • Low maintenance: Cat Idler PAL® (Positive Automatic Lubrication) ensures life-long grease management.
  • Reduced belt damage: The smooth PE surface minimizes belt friction and wear and acts as a slider bar in the event of a bearing seizure. The all-PE body means there are no sharp “pizza cutter” edges.