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In addition to its world-class steel rolls, Caterpillar also offers a highly successful range of CEMA C, D, and E class rolls made of a proprietary high-molecular-weight polyethylene (HMWPE). This product is called EXALON®. While steel rolls are effective in most bulk material-handling applications, some applications benefit from the use of the EXALON® roll product. Applications in environments that are highly corrosive, abrasive, and wet, as well as having a tendency for material buildup on the roller, are ideal for the EXALON® roll and its additional features and benefits.

Smooth operators

Tube-based with higher concentricity further enhanced by final machining (poly-body) for reduced belt wear, the EXALON® roll offers balanced, vibration-free running.

Versatile and low maintenance

EXALON® rolls can be retrofitted to any frame – even those of competitors.

Tested for quality

All Cat rolls – EXALON® and steel – are processed through an automated assembly system that tests and records rotational torque, total indicator run-out, and axial end play.

EXALON® benefits at a glance

  • MSHA-certified: Certified for underground use: IC-56/1 – flame-resistant, and IC-56/2 – flame-resistant and static dissipating.
  • Longer shelf life: EXALON® rolls last two to three times longer than steel rolls in highly corrosive and/or highly abrasive environments.
  • Low maintenance: Cat Idler PAL® (Positive Automatic Lubrication) ensures life-long grease management.
  • Reduced belt damage: The smooth PE surface minimizes belt friction and wear and acts as a slider bar in the event of a bearing seizure. The all-PE body means there are no sharp “pizza cutter” edges.

A Commitment to the Mining Industry

As the demand for commodities grows, mining companies need a partner to support them in their efforts. Caterpillar is committed to being that partner.

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Mining Financial Services

Cat Financial is the single best resource for all your international mining finance needs, with capabilities to offer everything from leasing and general financing to project and structured financing.

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