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Our diesel haulers are designed for maximum haulage capacity on difficult floor conditions or gradients. These haulers comply with new regulations pertaining to fire shutdown, exhaust emission sampling and brake standards, and utilize the same power package and drive components as the range of LHD machines. Features include a rugged, reliable drive unit with chainless drive system; quick response hydraulic steering and true tracking geometry for optimum maneuverability; and a turbocharged, after-cooled, 4-cycle diesel engine with 4-speed transmission with manual or electronic push-button powershift with forward/reverse mode.


Operating Height 1.80 m (71 in) 1.80 m (71 in) Less
Max. Carrying Capacity 20 tonnes (22 tons) 15 m3 (530 ft3) 20 tonnes (22 tons) 15 m3 (530 ft3) Less
Power Type Diesel Diesel Less
Empty Weight 22.0 tons 20.0 tonnes Less
Engine 6-cylinder turbocharged, 4-cycle Diesel engine 6-cylinder turbocharged, 4-cycle Diesel engine Less
Ground Clearance 400 mm (16 in) 400 mm (16 in) Less
Load Discharge Time 22.0 Seconds 22.0 Seconds Less
Max. Tram Speed 15.0 mph 24.0 km/h Less
Overall Length (with tailgate) 35.63 ft 10.86 m Less
Overall Width 10.83 ft 3.3 m Less
Power 171 kW (230 hp) 171 kW (230 hp) Less
Wheel/Tires 17.5 × R25 17.5 × R25 Less


Consult Caterpillar for Weight Over 33069.0 lb 15000.0 kg Less
Payload (Maximum Weight all Material) 44092.0 lb 20000.0 kg Less
Payload (Nominal with Hungry Boards) - Other Capacities Available 19.6 yd3 15.0 m3 Less


Cooling Fan Hydraulic Driven Fan Hydraulic Driven Fan Less
Cooling System Water Based Radiator Water Based Radiator Less
Displacement 439.3 in3 7.2 L Less
Engine Make/Model Cat 3126 Cat 3126 Less
Laden with 15T Load 92594.0 lb 42000.0 kg Less
Maximum Power 172 kW (230 hp) @ 2,200 rpm 172 kW (230 hp) @ 2,200 rpm Less
Maximum Torque 720 N·m (531 lb-ft) @ 1,400 rpm 720 N·m (531 lb-ft) @ 1,400 rpm Less
Type Diesel, Turbocharged, 4 Cycle Diesel, Turbocharged, 4 Cycle Less
Unladen with Full Tanks 55115.0 lb 25000.0 kg Less

Engine Speeds

Governed 2600.0 RPM 2600.0 RPM Less
High Idle 2700.0 RPM 2700.0 RPM Less
Low Idle 800.0 RPM 800.0 RPM Less

Fuel Consumption

At Full Power 9.9 Gal/hr 37.5 L/hr Less
Average Mine Duty 8-30 L/hr (2.1-7.9 gal/hr) 8-30 L/hr (2.1-7.9 gal/hr) Less

Start System

Starter Motor Type Air Turbine Type Air Turbine Type Less

Intake Air Cleaner

Intake Flame Trap Spiral Wound Type Spiral Wound Type Less
Type/Make Dry Dual Element/Caterpillar Dry Dual Element/Caterpillar Less

Exhaust Conditioner

Aftertreatment Catalytic Exhaust Purifier Catalytic Exhaust Purifier Less
Exhaust Filter Replaceable Element Except China Replaceable Element Except China Less
Exhaust Flame Trap Replaceable China and RSA Replaceable China and RSA Less
Make Caterpillar Caterpillar Less
Type Flameproof Wet Flameproof Wet Less


Speeds, Forward and Reverse 4 4 Less
Type Power Shift with Forward/Reverse Modulation Power Shift with Forward/Reverse Modulation Less

Torque Converter

Type Mounted in Transmission, Single Element Mounted in Transmission, Single Element Less

Axles - Standard

Differential Type Bevel Gear and Pinion Bevel Gear and Pinion Less
Front Axle Fixed Fixed Less
Rear Axle Fixed Fixed Less
Type Outboard Planetary Outboard Planetary Less


Make/Model 5 Piece (Heavy Duty) 5 Piece (Heavy Duty) Less

Tires - Standard

Inflation Media Air Air Less
Inflation Pressure 116.0 psi 800.0 kPa Less
Ply Rating Radial Radial Less
Size 17.5 × 25 17.5 × 25 Less
Type XKA Tires XKA Tires Less


Bearing Type Pin and Spherical Bearing (Top and Bottom) Fully Sealed Pin and Spherical Bearing (Top and Bottom) Fully Sealed Less
Degrees of Turn Either Side ±42 Degrees ±42 Degrees Less


Bearing Type Ball Type Slewing Roller Bearing Ball Type Slewing Roller Bearing Less
Degrees Up and Down from Horizontal ±30° ±30° Less
Type Center Articulation Bearing Center Articulation Bearing Less

Seating (Driver)

Suspension Adjust Spring/Shock Absorber Adjust Spring/Shock Absorber Less
Type Cross-Seated Cross-Seated Less


Type Adjustable Protective Device MDG1 Adjustable Protective Device MDG1 Less

Electrical System

Polarity Negative Ground Negative Ground Less
Shutdown System Electronic, Intrinsically Safe Approved Electronic, Intrinsically Safe Approved Less
Type Approved Flameproof Approved Flameproof Less
Voltage 12.0 volts 12.0 volts Less


Number/Location 2 Front, 2 Rear 2 Front, 2 Rear Less
Type High Performance, Approved Flameproof High Performance, Approved Flameproof Less


Drive Hydraulic Hydraulic Less
Type Approved Flameproof Approved Flameproof Less

Pneumatic System

Air Flow 0.340 m3/min (12 ft3/min) @ 1,500 rpm 0.340 m3/min (12 ft3/min) @ 1,500 rpm Less
Air Receiver Volume 2.8 ft3 80.0 L Less
Compressor Type Piston Engine Gear Driven Piston Engine Gear Driven Less
Governed Pressure 116.0 psi 800.0 kPa Less
Relief Pressure 120.0 psi 830.0 kPa Less

Service Capacities

Axle Oil (Each) 15.8 gal 60.0 L Less
Engine Cooling System Water 19.0 gal 72.0 L Less
Engine Crankcase Oil 5.8 gal 22.0 L Less
Fuel Tank 78.3 gal 300.0 L Less
Hydraulic Tank 78.3 gal 300.0 L Less
Transmission/Converter Oil 21.0 gal 80.0 L Less

Vehicle Speeds (Unladen) 17.5 × 25 Tires

1st Gear 2.3 mph 3.8 km/h Less
2nd Gear 4.8 mph 7.8 km/h Less
3rd Gear 8.5 mph 13.6 km/h Less
4th Gear 14.5 mph 23.4 km/h Less

Maximum Tractive Effort 17.5 × 25 Tires

1st Gear 47209.0 lb 210.0 kN Less

Grade Ability

Front to Rear 1:4 1:4 Less
Side to Side (Empty) 1:4 1:4 Less

Freedom of Movement

Cableless face haulers have several advantages over cable-driven shuttle cars: They have greater freedom of movement as there are no trailing cables, and travel is not restricted by cable length, typically 200 meters or less.

Packed with Power

Because of their superior productivity and flexibility, Caterpillar has focused on battery- and diesel-powered face haulers.

Diesel Efficiency

Cat diesel face haulers incorporate the most efficient engines and powertrains available while boasting the lowest level of general body emissions among underground diesel vehicles.


Powerful diesel engines ensure maximum power in a compact design. All machines can be supplied with various diesel engine packages suited to the customer’s requirements.

Compact and Rugged

Space is at a premium in underground roadways, so the FH125 D is designed to be compact with a minimal profile and roadway presence.

Operator Safety and Comfort

The cockpit design features intuitive, ergonomic controls and optimum visibility and safety.


Compliance to regional regulations and guidelines is achieved by using a variety of engine and exhaust conditioner packages.

Cooling Systems

Caterpillar offers the option of radiator units in either vertical or horizontal configurations.

Electrical System

The base specification FH125 D electrics consist of four flameproof lights powered by a flameproof Cat alternator and Cat DCS intrinsically safe engine-monitoring and shutdown system.

Ease of Service

All Cat diesel machines can have their operation safety checks performed by the operator in minutes at the beginning of the shift.

Solid Drivelines

The FH125 D diesel face hauler features solid drivelines to front and rear wheels, offering improved characteristics over hydraulic or chain drive systems. Caterpillar uses the same model axle in the hopper unit as used in the tractor unit, with 90 degree transfer boxes mounted on the axle and wheel ends and are connected by a solid drive shaft.

FH125 D Standard Equipment

Up to 20 tonnes (22 tons) maximum payload.

Certified power packages with state-of-the-art dry scrubber system and DPM filtration.

Rugged, reliable drive unit with chainless drive system.

Quick-response hydraulic steering and true tracking geometry provide optimum maneuverability.

Fully encapsulated 6-plate, wet-running disc brakes.

Cockpit positioned for optimum visibility and protection.

Electronic safety system with automatic cutoff.

Additional rear gate.

High-powered, low-emission vehicle featuring 30% lower heat generation.

FH125 D Optional Equipment

Filled Tires - Insert or Foam

Fire Suppression System

Auto Lubrication System

Flameproof Reversing Camera and Monitor

20.5 × 25 Tires

Non Flameproof Versions

Trailer Side Hungry Board Arrangements

Trailer Tail Gate

Others Available on Request