3131mm (123in) Pipe & Pole Fork, Fusion™ Coupler

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Carriage Width 123.0 in 3131.0 mm Less
Tine Length 96.0 in 2438.0 mm Less
Weight 6622.0 lb 3003.0 kg Less
Carriage Height - open clamp 151.0 in 3844.0 mm Less
Carriage Height - closed clamp 58.0 in 1464.0 mm Less
Width Over Tines 118.0 in 2991.0 mm Less
Tine Width 7.9 in 200.0 mm Less
Pipe Diameter - Max 36.0 in 914.0 mm Less
Pipe Diameter - Min 2.0 in 51.0 mm Less