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Low profile, ease of operation, high-efficiency screed plate heating systems, low-maintenance screed plates and superior serviceability are combined to provide a superior screed, the AS3301C.


Extender Mounting Rear-mounted Rear-mounted Less
Screed Type Vibratory Vibratory Less


Weight with Electric Heat 6450.0 lb 2925.0 kg Less

Operating Specifications

Standard Paving Width Range 3-5.9 m (10-19.5 ft) 3-5.9 m (10-19.5 ft) Less
Maximum Paving Width 26.16 ft 7.9 m Less
Crown Adjustment +10% to -3% +10% to -3% Less
Heating System Electric Electric Less
Maximum Vibrator Frequency 3000 vpm 3000 vpm Less
Minimum Paving Width 8.0 ft 2.44 m Less


Height 7.08 ft 2.15 m Less
Length, Front to Back, Endgates Attached 6.83 ft 2.08 m Less
Length, Front to Back, Endgates Removed 5.83 ft 1.78 m Less
Minimum Width, Endgates Attached 8.83 ft 2.7 m Less
Minimum Width, Endgates Removed 8.0 ft 2.46 m Less
Screed Plates Thickness 0.5 in 13.0 mm Less
Screed Plates Width, Front to Back, Extenders 18.0 in 457.0 mm Less
Screed Plates Width, Front to Back, Main Screed 18.0 in 457.0 mm Less

Screed Plates

Screed plates deliver a high-quality mat and a long service life.

Screed Plate Leveling

Saves time with the trailing edge screed plate leveling system.

Spring-Loaded End Gates

Spring-loaded end gates create a downward force that causes the gates to follow the profile of the surface being paved, assuring a good joint with the adjacent mat.

Triangular Extender Configuration

Triangular configuration of the extender supports provide torsional resistance and rigidity.

Electric Screed Plate Heating System

Highly efficient electric heating system provides warm-up time in 30 minutes or less.The AS3301C offers an electric screed plate heating system. The electric screed plate heating system is highly efficient and provides fast warm-up. The electric heating system features an integrated generator and multi-zone heating elements for even heat distribution.


The AS3301C screed is easy and fast to service.

AS3301C Standard Equipment

Screed Plate Heating

Screed Plates

Extender Configuration

Extender Height

Extender Slope



Thickness Screws

End Gates

Vibrator System

Screed Controls

Electrical System

Hydraulic System

Generator (Tractor Option)

Auxiliary Power Panel (Tractor Option)

AS3301C Optional Equipment

Thickness Control Screws

Power Controls for Slope, Crown, and Height

Bevel End Plates

Wide Plates

Berm Extensions

Cutoff Shoe Package

Electric Screed Heat

Screed Extensions

Paving Packages