D7R Series 2 WH

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Specifically designed for waste handling and landfill debris environments.


Engine Model Cat® 3176C Cat® 3176C Less
Flywheel Power 240.0 hp 179.0 kW Less
Gross Power 258.0 hp 192.0 kW Less
RPM 2100.0 RPM 2100.0 RPM Less
Number of Cylinders 6 6 Less
Bore 4.9 in 125.0 mm Less
Stroke 5.5 in 140.0 mm Less
Displacement 629.0 in3 10.3 L Less

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank 126.5 gal 479.0 L Less


Operating Weight 61500.0 lb 27920.0 kg Less
Shipping Weight 50094.0 lb 22722.0 kg Less


Ground Clearance 16.4 in 416.0 mm Less
Width Over Trunnions 9.4 ft 2.87 m Less
Width without Trunnions (Standard Shoe) 8.33 ft 2.54 m Less
Width without Blade 100.0 in 2540.0 mm Less
Width with Blade 145.39 in 3693.0 mm Less
Height (Stripped Top) 8.4 ft 2.56 m Less
Height ROPS/Canopy 11.48 ft 3500.0 mm Less
Overall Length Basic Tractor 15.5 ft 4.73 m Less
Overall Length with Blade 19.09 ft 5.82 m Less


Track Width 1.83 ft 560.0 mm Less
Track Gauge 78.0 in 1981.0 mm Less
Track Gauge - LGP 88.0 in 2235.0 mm Less
Length of Track on Ground 9.4 ft 2880.0 mm Less
Ground Contact Area 5016.0 in2 3.22 m2 Less
Track Rollers/Side 7 7 Less
Ground Contact Area - LGP 8974.0 in2 5.79 m2 Less
Shoes/Side - LGP 43 43 Less
Track Rollers/Side - LGP 7 7 Less
Track on Ground - LGP 125.0 in 3167.0 mm Less
Width of Shoe - LGP 36.0 in 914.0 mm Less


Blade Type SU, U, S SU, U, S Less
S-Blade Capacity with Trash Rack 14.2 yd3 10.9 m3 Less
S-Blade Width 12.8 ft 3.9 m Less
SU-Blade Capacity with Trash Rack 18.4 yd3 14.0 m3 Less
SU-Blade Width 12.11 ft 3.69 m Less
U-Blade Capacity with Trash Rack 22.0 yd3 16.8 m3 Less
U-Blade Width 13.1 ft 3.99 m Less
LGP S-Blade Capacity with Trash Rack 16.1 yd3 12.3 m3 Less


Each Additional Shank 330.0 lb 150.0 kg Less


1.0 Forward 2.19 mph 3.52 km/h Less
2.0 Forward 3.79 mph 6.1 km/h Less
3.0 Forward 6.55 mph 10.54 km/h Less
1.0 Reverse 2.82 mph 4.54 km/h Less
2.0 Reverse 4.88 mph 7.85 km/h Less
3.0 Reverse 8.44 mph 13.58 km/h Less


ROPS SAE J395, SAE 1040 MAY94, ISO 3471:1994 SAE J395, SAE 1040 MAY94, ISO 3471:1994 Less
FOPS ISO 3449:1992 Level II ISO 3449:1992 Level II Less
Sound ANSI/SAE J1166 OCT98 is 83 dB(A) ANSI/SAE J1166 OCT98 is 83 dB(A) Less
Brakes SAE J/ISO 10265 MARCH99 SAE J/ISO 10265 MARCH99 Less

Waste Handling Guards

Extensive guarding helps protect critical machine components, body panels and the radiator from being damaged by debris under harsh waste handling environments. Minimizing build-up helps prevent component damage.

Debris Resistant Features

Additional modifications enhance productivity and help prevent damage.

Required Attachments

These options must be ordered in addition to the basic Waste Handling Arrangement.

Required Attachments

These options must be ordered in addition to the basic Waste Handling Arrangement.

Recommended Options

Features for peak performance. Several additional options are recommended to assist in matching your site requirements.


The major component modular design concept moves a generation ahead in simplified service and repair. Customer support is unmatched in the industry.

Complete Customer Support

Unmatched in the industry! Your Cat dealer's investment in service begins with the fastest and most complete parts availability in the industry. The full range of exchange components and Caterpillar Remanufactured parts is aimed at saving you time and money, while carrying new-parts warranty.