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The right roof support for any longwall application.


Carry Capacity 36.0 tons 33.0 tonnes Less
Vehicle Length 35.7 ft 10.88 m Less
Vehicle Width 9.51 ft 2.9 m Less
Frame Oscillation 40.0 Degrees 40.0 Degrees Less
Gradients Possible (gradient data short-term only) 20° 20° Less
Ground Clearance 15.0 in 381.0 mm Less
Maximum Speed 3.9 mph 6.3 km/h Less
Maximum Speed with Load 2.2 mph 3.6 km/h Less
Motor/Engine DC/AC DC/AC Less
Power Rated at 100.0 hp 74.0 kW Less
Pull Winch Rated at 23.0 tons 21.0 tonnes Less
Steering Control stick Control stick Less
Steering Articulation 50.0 Degrees 50.0 Degrees Less
Torque/Tractive Effort 69996.0 lb 31750.0 kg Less
Turn Radius (outside) 23.65 ft 7.21 m Less
Wheel Base 16.83 ft 5.13 m Less


Empty Weights - Less Battery 49500.0 lb 22452.8 kg Less
Empty Weights - With 64-125-25 Battery 74000.0 lb 33565.8 kg Less
Empty Weights - With 64-125-25 Battery and Rear Ballast 80000.0 lb 36287.4 kg Less


Tram Speed (calculated based on 2% rolling resistance) - Level and Empty on 0% Grade 3.6 mph 5.79 km/h Less
Tram Speed (calculated based on 2% rolling resistance) - Level and Loaded on 0% Grade 3.2 mph 5.14 km/h Less

Dimensions (Approximate)

Cab Height with 508 mm (20 in) Cab - with 1219.4 mm (48 in) Tires 68.0 in 1727.2 mm Less
Chassis Height with 1219.4 mm (48 in) Tires 48.0 in 1219.4 mm Less
Frame Oscillation 40 Degrees Total 40 Degrees Total Less
Ground Clearance with 1219.4 mm (48 in) Tires 16.0 in 406.4 mm Less
Inside Turn Radius 13.58 ft 4140.2 mm Less
Length with 2133.6 mm (84 in) Lifting Fork 34.33 ft 10464.8 mm Less
Length with 2133.6 mm (84 in) Lifting Fork and Rear Ballast 35.17 ft 10718.8 mm Less
Length with Lift Plate Attachment 35.75 ft 10896.6 mm Less
Length with Lift Plate Attachment and Rear Ballast 36.58 ft 11150.6 mm Less
Length without Attachments and with Rear Ballast 28.67 ft 8737.6 mm Less
Outside Turn Radius 23.67 ft 7213.6 mm Less
Overall Length without Attachments 27.83 ft 8483.6 mm Less
Overall Width with Attachments 9.25 ft 2819.4 mm Less
Steering Articulation 100 Degrees Total 100 Degrees Total Less
Wheelbase 16.33 ft 4978.4 mm Less

The Clean Air Act

Cat battery-powered roof support carriers do not burden your mine’s ventilation with emissions or heat. Due to infinitely variable power control, they are the ideal vehicle for the installation or removal of longwall roof supports where heat, emissions and noise would impact work and where a flexible vehicle is needed.

The Power You Need

A combination of Cat battery- and diesel-powered vehicles can offer the ideal solution for longwall installations and moves. Battery-powered roof support carriers can position or remove roof supports from old and new faces.

Battery Power for Versatility

Cat battery-powered roof support carriers make longwall face moves simpler and less costly. The specially engineered ultra-heavy-duty vehicle range builds on the knowledge of many years of operational experience.

Stability and Traction

Cat roof support carriers have a tri-sectional chassis with dual motors located near the axles. The rear drive axle and the battery lift are incorporated into a single oscillating entity at the rear.

Battery Competence

Caterpillar has developed unparalleled experience and expertise in the design of batteries and battery changing systems. Current 2000 Ah batteries enable maximum performance at peak loads as well as lasting performance throughout the shift.

Maximum Battery Efficiency

The Cat IGBT control makes the most of battery power.

Optional VFD

The latest Caterpillar innovation is the HiPAC 10 VFD control system, which drives the motive traction and hydraulic systems and provides the operator with machine management information. The HiPAC 10 is a DC-to-AC variable frequency inverter control that drives high-performance AC electric motors, which have superior speed-torque characteristics.

RAS - Rapid Attachment System

The Rapid Attachment System available for the CL10 and CL15 makes an accessory change a one-man operation, allowing a broad range of accessories to be fitted in moments without removing the backing plate. Utilizing the LHD with RAS attachments during longwall relocations can greatly reduce lost production time.