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The CL210 operates in the 10 tonne (11.02 ton) capacity LHD and utility vehicles segment and can be supplied with either a Rapid Dump ‘Z’ link or parallel lift arrangements and a variety of Cat RAS attachments. In combination with the SH150 trailer, the CL210 can be used for rapid transport of roof supports.


Height 1980/2052 mm (77.95/80.79 in) 1980/2052 mm (77.95/80.79 in) Less
Load Capacity 10 tonnes ( 11.02 tons) 10 tonnes ( 11.02 tons) Less
Power Type Diesel Diesel Less
Articulation 45.0 Degrees 45.0 Degrees Less
Brakes SAHR SAHR Less
Length with Bucket 31.66 ft 9650.0 mm Less
Length without Bucket 24.18 ft 7370.0 mm Less
Optional Equipment RAS attachments RAS attachments Less
Oscillation 8.0 Degrees 8.0 Degrees Less
RAS/QDS Attachments yes yes Less
Transmission 4 speed transmission with electronic option 4 speed transmission with electronic option Less
Unladen Weight (with bucket) 25.35 tons 23.0 tonnes Less
Width (nominal) 90.55 in 2300.0 mm Less

High Reliability, Low Cost

To ensure low life-cycle costs and high availability, all vehicles use tried-and-tested, commercially available powertrain components that offer high reliability and availability with high fuel economy.


Space is at a premium in underground roadways, so the vehicles are designed to be compact, with a minimal profile and roadway presence.


The Rapid Attach System (RAS) allows a range of accessories to be fitted, thus enhancing the flexibility of the vehicles in operation.


Compliance to regional regulations and guidelines is achieved by using a variety of engine and exhaust con­ditioner packages.

Operator Safety and Comfort

The cockpit design features ergonomic, intuitive controls and optimum visibility and safety. This means that operators already trained on one machine can quickly learn to use the others in the range.


All machines can be supplied with various diesel engine packages suited to the customer’s requirements. Like all components, our engines are industry-recognized and accepted.

Exhaust Systems

Caterpillar can offer the underground mining industry the choice of either a wet exhaust scrubber system or a dry particulate filter system. Both the wet and dry exhaust scrubbers employ a particulate filtration system with an inline purifier and catalytic converter.

Cooling Systems

Caterpillar offers radiator units in either vertical or horizontal configurations.

Electrical Systems

The base specification LHD electrics consist of four flameproof lights powered by a flameproof Cat alternator and a DCS intrinsically safe engine monitoring and shutdown system.

Ease of Service

All Cat LHD machines can have their operation safety checks per­formed by the operator in minutes at the beginning of the shift.

Rapid Attach System (RAS)

The RAS system makes an accessory change a safe, one-man operation, allowing a broad range of accessories to be fitted in moments without removing the backing plate or the operator having to leave the cab.

Work Tool Attachments

Do more job with one machine.