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The Cat Double Conversion Battery UPS system utilizes twelve pulse SCR based technology to provide clean, stable power to sensitive loads, ensuring reliable protection, optimum performance and extended life. The Cat UPS is also a flexible, cost-effective and user-friendly solution for ensuring uninterrupted power. Robust digital components are used throughout the system to yield reliable and trouble-free support of your critical loads. Designed for continuous operation, the Double Conversion UPS features redundant components and cooling. And, the UPS is fault tolerant with a built-in, 100% continuous duty-rated static bypass switch. The Cat Double Conversion UPS is also flexible. The units can be field upgraded in kVA or added on to for additional capacity. They feature an intuitive man/machine interface and can be easily integrated into networking and monitoring systems using common protocols such as Modbus or SNMP. This user-friendly UPS features a large, high-definition LCD touch screen display, animated mimic diagram, and event logging with date-time stamping of events. The Advanced Monitoring feature provides intelligent battery management that automatically tests the battery system and provides life cycle monitoring of remaining battery life expectancy.

Technical Summary

Rated Power 550 kVA (500 kW) - 1100 kVA (990 kW) 550 kVA (500 kW) - 1100 kVA (990 kW) Less
System Efficiency Up to 94.2% Up to 94.2% Less
Energy Storage Battery Battery Less

Product Features

  • Double conversion topology
  • Power factor corrected input
  • Transient protection
  • High-speed voltage regulation
  • Top cable entry
  • Low input current distortion
  • Simple installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Parallel capable

Reliable Power Protection for Critical Applications

Cat® double conversion battery UPS systems utilize IGBT based technology to provide clean, stable power to sensitive loads, ensuring critical power protection, optimum performance, and extended life of the protected equipment.

Superior Design

Superior system design and the use of robust digital components throughout the system yield a reliable and trouble-free UPS system.

High Availability

The Cat® UPSB1100 has multiple modes of operation and has been designed for continuous operation. It is fault tolerant with a built in 100% rated static bypass switch.

Flexible and Upgradeable

The UPS has an intuitive man/machine interface with a large high definition LCD display, touch sensitive screen, and animated mimic display. The user interface is web and network friendly allowing the UPS to be remotely monitored and integrated into a SCADA system.

Worldwide Product Support

Cat dealers provide extensive post sale support including maintenance and repair agreements. Factory qualified technicians are trained to support every aspect of your Cat UPS system.

UPSB1100 Standard Equipment

Front Panel Display
  • 12” high contrast touch screen display
  • LED mimic diagram
  • Event logging with date-time stamping of events
  • Audible alarms

Integrated input isolation transformer
  • Provides galvanic isolation between the incoming source and the critical load

12 pulse input rectifier
  • Reduces reflected harmonics to utility and generator set sources.

Integrated paralleling
  • Capability for 3+1 systems

Emergency Power Off (EPO) button
  • Located on the front panel of the UPS can be used to disconnect the load during emergency situations.

Front access for all connections
  • Eliminates the requirement for side and rear access to the UPS, minimizing the installation space needed

UPSB1100 Optional Equipment

Remote Alarm Status Panel (RASP)
  • Allows UPS status ( on-line, battery, bypass, or maintenance bypass) low battery condition, charger status, and the inverter fault to be monitored form a remote location. RASP also contains a UPS Test/Reset and an Audio Reset pushbutton.

Remote Alarm Summary Panel
  • Allows remote viewing of the UPS summary and UPS on battery indications. It also contains a UPS Test/Reset as well as an Audio Reset pushbutton.

RS-232/RS-485 communications port
  • Allows the UPS module or Static Switch Cabinet (SSC) to be monitored from a remote terminal or computer.

Remote Emergency Power Off
  • Used to disconnect the load during emergency situations. It is located in the same room as the UPS.

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