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Fuel System

Electronic Unit Injector fuel systemfeaturing 10-20 percent higher injectionpressure than other 3500 Family engines

Control System

Caterpillar ADEM II Electronic EngineControl/Monitoring System that providesinfinitely variable injection timing and astate-of-the-art monitoring and protectionsystem with self-diagnosing electronicsensors

fuel efficiency and lower levels of gaseous and visible emissions

“Deep Crater/Low Crevice Volume” twopiecearticulated piston design with forgedsteel crown and cast aluminum skirt thatenhance combustion efficiency to provideimproved fuel efficiency and lower levels ofgaseous and visible emissions

Larger diameter camshaft

Larger diameter (98 mm vs. 92 mm bore)camshaft for higher injection pressures,shorter injection durations, and less gear traintorsional vibration

Strengthened fuel injection actuation system and rear gear train

Strengthened fuel injection actuation systemand rear gear train to maintain reliability anddurability while providing higher injectionpressures

Center-mounted low inertia turbochargers

Center-mounted low inertia turbochargers(four on 3512B and 3516B; two on 3508B)on EPG models

rear mounted turbochargers

Dual rear mounted turbochargers on allmarine configurations

Separate circuit or sea water aftercooling

Separate circuit or sea water aftercooling tosupply the optimum temperature air to thecombustion chamber to reduce emissions andfuel consumption and maximize poweroutput

Streamlined intake and exhaust manifolds

Streamlined intake and exhaust manifolds toreduce parasitic pumping losses and increasecombustion efficiency

Thermo-laminated heat shields

Thermo-laminated heat shields on allmarine configurations to maintain surfacetemperatures below Marine ClassificationSociety regulations and to retain moreexhaust gas energy for increasedturbocharger performance

Redesigned aftercooler-to-intake manifold joints

Redesigned aftercooler-to-intake manifoldjoints that use formed elastomeric seals andsubstantially fewer fasteners to give superiorsealing characteristics and easierserviceability

easy connection of Caterpillar Engine Technician electronic service tool

Pin-type connector for easy connection ofCaterpillar Engine Technician electronicservice tool which delivers superiordiagnostic capability to determine exactcauses of engine faults

Formed elastomeric seals replace gaskets on rocker arm bases

Formed elastomeric seals replace gaskets onrocker arm bases eliminating gasketrelaxation to maintain consistent dimensionsfor valve lash and injection settings andnuisance-type oil leaks.


The 3516B marine propulsion engine includes the Advanced Diesel Engine Management System II, Control Monitoring Protection System, Customer Communication Module, and DigitalVoltage Regulator. Benefits include improved fuel economy, reduced visible and gaseous emissions, enhanced diagnostic and monitoring capabilities, and increased rated output with no reduction in reliability.

Power Rating

Power Range 1650-2200 bhp (1230-1640 bkW) 1650-2200 bhp (1230-1640 bkW) Less

Engine Specifications

Speed Range 1200-1800 rpm 1200-1800 rpm Less
Emissions IMO I IMO I Less
Aspiration TTA TTA Less
Bore 6.7 in 170.0 mm Less
Stroke 7.5 in 190.0 mm Less
Displacement 4210.0 in3 69.0 L Less
Rotation (from flywheel end) Counterclockwise or Clockwise Counterclockwise or Clockwise Less
Configuration Vee 16, 4-Stroke-Cycle Diesel Vee 16, 4-Stroke-Cycle Diesel Less

Dimensions & Weights

Minimum Dry Weight 17185.0 lb 7795.0 kg Less
Minimum Length 131.9 in 3349.0 mm Less
Maximum Length 146.7 in 3725.0 mm Less
Minimum Height 69.0 in 1753.0 mm Less
Maximum Height 82.3 in 2091.0 mm Less
Minimum Width 67.0 in 1703.0 mm Less
Maximum Width 80.8 in 2053.0 mm Less
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