New Cat® Vocational Truck Set-Forward Axle Model Launched at CONEXPO

It was CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2011 that Caterpillar launched their first on-highway truck. Now here we are three years later launching a new model.

“The CT681 is our first set forward axle truck,” said Dave Schmitz, product manager for Caterpillar’s Global On-Highway Trucks. “In many states, a majority of the states, and the interstate highway system, the bridge formula dictates how much load you can take. Bridge formula is basically the distance from the front wheel all the way to the back so you want to move that front axle as far forward as possible to maximize the load for customers.”

The CT681 represents the expansion of Caterpillar’s heavy-duty line of Class 8 work trucks – also known as on-highway or vocational trucks. The first model, the CT660, has been on the roads and on job sites for past two plus years, much to our customers’ delight.

“It’s a product that we’d been looking for to get into the business of being a bumper to bumper full truck line dealer,” said Bill Mitchell, general sales manager for on-highway trucks at Cat® dealer Holt Cat. “We’re pleased with the product. Our customers are pleased with it. The product is growing every day. It’s opening again, more opportunities for us.”

The CT681 in Caterpillar’s Gold Lot exhibit is configured as a concrete mixer, which is expected to be a popular configuration for the set forward axle truck. But the options don’t stop there.

“We’ve built dump trucks out of them, we’ve built haul tractors out of them, we’ve got water trucks running in the construction end of it,” said Mitchell.

In addition to the set forward axle, the CT681 truck offers another unique feature.

“We have a very flat front, which produces a 28 inch bumper to axle rating, which is one of the best in the industries,” said Schmitz. “But also on the front we have front frames that can extend out of the front of the truck and that opens up opportunities for applications such as snow plows, any kind of pump or any kind of attachment that you want to put on the front of the truck.”

There’s no rest for the on highway truck team. Customers can expect to see more in this product line up.

“We’ve also begun work on testing another product, another set forward axle product and we have more on the drawing boards,” said George Taylor, director and general manager of Caterpillar’s Global On-Highway Trucks.

Caterpillar launched their first on-highway truck at the last CONEXPO-CON/AGG. Three years later we’re launching a new model, the CT681, which is the first Cat® truck with a set forward axle.

CT681 Truck- A Heavy-Duty Performer

With its set-forward axle, rugged design and industrial styling, the Cat® CT681 is ready for your toughest jobs and heaviest loads.

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CT681 Vocational Truck

If you’re hauling heavy loads or working in extreme conditions, you’ll appreciate the Cat® CT681 Vocational Truck’s rugged durability and industrial styling—with the versatility to mount the attachments you need to get the job done.