Quantify Your Fatigue & Distraction Risk

Implementing Technologies to Reduce Operator Fatigue & Distraction

Fatigue is an inevitable force of nature, and when it occurs on a jobsite the results can be deadly. What once was an invisible risk, we can now see, mitigate and manage through fatigue and distraction technologies from Caterpillar.

When PotashCorp experienced a fatigue-related incident, the company decided to conduct a fatigue risk assessment in order to gain visibility to mitigate incidents and optimize productivity. Hear how PotashCorp utilized the technology to open communication with employees and reduce fatigue risk on a jobsite.

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Reducing Fatigue Risk White Paper

Reducing Fatigue Risk White Paper

Find out how Australian and US-based mining operators are mitigating their risk and protecting their employees from fatigue.

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Fatigue Risk Assessment

Fatigue Risk Assessment

Learn about the risk of fatigue and distraction in your operations by implementing a Fatigue Risk Assessment.

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