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Thanks for your interest in the Build Your Success Sweepstakes.

Thanks for your interest in the Build Your Success Sweepstakes. Entries closed on March 31, 2014. Check back after May 1, 2014, to see who won their share of $100,000 plus a visit from the Cat Connect Crew, a team of Caterpillar and Cat® dealer professionals who can help winners improve their operations with Cat products, services and technology.

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Whatever your jobsite needs, we’re here to help.

At Caterpillar, we specialize in discovering new ways to help you be more productive and efficient every day. From machines that do more work with less fuel to tools and technology that make that work a whole lot easier, we strive to give you the products, services and technologies you need to achieve new levels of profitability. Find out more below.


Boost your production. Accurate measurement, machine selection, operator skill. It's a constant balancing act. Let's weigh your options.

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Fuel Efficiency

Improve your fuel efficiency. Fuel efficiency isn't just about rising fuel prices, it's about your actual cost of production. How much work is done? Over what period of time? At what revenue rate? Let's do the math.

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Run stronger. Run longer. Managing the health of your Cat® equipment helps you get peak performance, manage your budget, and keep downtime to an absolute minimum. Let's keep you up and running.

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Be more versatile on site. To win more work, you're looking for machines and work tools that make your business more flexible. Let's get the most out of each machine.

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Cash Flow

Find new ways to grow your margins. Your business is always changing. So are your financial needs. What is the best way to free up more cash? Could you restructure or refinance? Is ownership the only way to expand your fleet? Let's explore new possibilities for your business.

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Technology is your most powerful business tool. Accurate, real-time data takes the guesswork out of decisions and puts you ahead of the competition. Equipment technology helps you monitor, manage, and control your jobsites. Let's stop guessing.

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