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Caterpillar Mining Webinar Series - Best practices, lower costs, increased productivity

Our Partnership Goes Beyond the Iron

Success in today’s environment requires more than the industry’s best equipment. It requires solutions—and partnerships—that extend well beyond the iron.

When you choose Caterpillar, that commitment to ongoing, above-and-beyond support comes standard. We work hand in hand with you to address big issues: Controlling costs. Boosting production. Squeezing more life out of every investment. And integrating technology, data and automation in ways that make sense for mining.

In this webinar series, Caterpillar subject matter experts will dig into these topics, sharing best-practices and real-world solutions for addressing demanding mining challenges.

Coming in August...

Partners Beyond the Purchase: Supporting Your Investment

On Tuesday, August 29: Extending machine and component life and maximizing value is critical to our customers. The suite of repair options offered by Caterpillar in conjunction with your Cat Dealer allows you to tailor your maintenance plan. This session will cover:

  • Broad offerings of repair options available for Cat mining equipment, from basic repairs through the full rebuild of a component or machine
  • Role of remanufactured parts in a repair options strategy and how it can be beneficial to both the environment and your bottom line
  • Value of rebuilding Cat equipment by those who know it best -- the Cat Dealer

A live question and answer session will round out the program.

Click here to register for one of two live sessions on Tuesday, August 29 (US) - 8:00 AM CDT (13:00 UCT) or 6:30 PM CDT (11:30 UCT)

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The Latest Innovations in Cat® Mining Technology

Caterpillar is always working on new technology solutions to help customers meet their needs. Join a panel of subject matter experts as they discuss the latest upgrades to our technology products, including:

  • Enhanced Fleet capabilities that include cutting-edge reporting and analytics tools
  • Updates to the Terrain system to help drilling and loading machines increase productivity
  • A look at the latest Proximity Awareness system that helps increase safety and awareness
  • Updates on our Health and Command portfolios

A Q&A session featuring questions submitted by viewers rounded out the program.

How Cat® Financial Services Provide Value in Mining

For this edition of our webinar series, we brought Cat Financial and Cat Solutions experts together in Nashville, Tennessee, to talk about how they can partner with our customers to bring them success and profitability.

The discussion focused on three key areas:

  • How project financing and services package can serve an alternative funding source and solution to support greenfield mines and brownfield mining projects
  • When equipment financing makes sense -- both for new and used equipment as well as product support
  • How pay for usage options can bring flexibility in capital spending for major miners

A live question and answer session rounded out the program.

Talking Trucks: The Latest Advancements in Large Cat® Mining Trucks

Join Caterpillar Global Mining subject-matter experts as they discuss the latest advancements in 250 ton (226 tonne) and larger mining trucks. 

•  How miners are increasing the productivity of their mining truck fleets

•  Critical considerations in extending truck and component life

•  How technology, including automation, is advancing in mining trucks

•  Updates on the Cat 793F, 794 AC and 797F mining truck models

How Drilling Impacts Your Bottom Line

Experts Kent Clifton, Paul Dietz and Claude Aboujaude join Tony Johnson to discuss how drilling the right way, with the right drill, right from the start, can impact your overall operation. Also:

  • Impact of technology on operator effectiveness -- both through accuracy and efficiency
  • Introduction of the new Cat MD6250 and the value of the Cat Dealer Network

Optimizing Your Mining Operation: Three Key Areas to Consider

Caterpillar Global Mining subject-matter experts Craig Watkins, Kent Clifton and Tim Siekmann discuss what mining operations are doing today to optimize their operations. The focus of this discussion will be on three key areas, applicable to both surface and underground mining:

  • Effectively integrating technology, including remote control and automation
  • Extending equipment lives, including a discussion on parts, rebuilds and retrofits
  • Increasing productivity, including a discussion on application and a preview new machine offerings


Caterpillar Mining subject matter experts explore tips and best practices for weathering the storm of cost constraints and limited revenues facing the industry. Topics include:

  • Cap-ex vs. Op-ex
  • Business processes and systems
  • ROI
  • Leveraging information to make informed business decisions
  • Equipment management


Caterpillar Global Mining subject matter expert Randy Schoepke explores tips and best practices for increasing productivity in mining operations. Topics include:

  • Increasing ROI
  • Improving utilization
  • Honing operator skills

The contents of this webinar have also been compiled into a white paper. Click here to download:

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Caterpillar Global Mining subject matter expert Craig Watkins explores tips and best practices for implementing automation in mining operations. Topics include:

  • Enhancing safety
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Working remotely
  • Retaining people
  • Reducing costs

The contents of this webinar have also been compiled into a white paper. Click here to download:

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Caterpillar Global Mining subject matter expert Craig Watkins explores ways to enhance safety on your site. 
Topics include:

  • Collisions & equipment damage
  • Operator fatigue & distraction
  • Hazardous areas
  • Operator skills
  • Incident response

The contents of this webinar have also been compiled into a white paper. Click here to download:

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Caterpillar Global Mining subject matter expert Craig Watkins shares tips and best practices for minimizing cost drivers such as:

  • Process variability
  • Unscheduled repairs
  • Fuel management
  • Shift changes
  • Collisions

The contents of this webinar have also been compiled into a white paper. Click here to download:

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