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Linkage DB DB Less
Weight 1230.0 lb 558.0 kg Less
Lift Eye Rated Capacity 22050.0 lb 10000.0 kg Less
Lift Eye Inside Diameter 1.97 in. 50.0 mm Less
Overall Coupler Width 23.07 in. 586.0 mm Less
Pin Spread - Min 18.98 in. 482.0 mm Less
Pin Spread - Max 23.82 in. 605.0 mm Less
Pin Diameter - Front 3.94 in. 100.2 mm Less
Pin Diameter - Rear 3.55 in. 90.2 mm Less
Face Spread - Min 13.62 in. 346.0 mm Less
Face Spread - Max 14.37 in. 365.0 mm Less
Face Spread - Max w/ Spacers 17.13 in. 435.0 mm Less

Confident Locking

Cat Center-Lock™ Pin Grabber Coupler gives operators confidence though its locking system and visible locking mechanism.

Positive Security

Once Center-Lock™ has engaged a work tool, the lock is so secure it will stay locked—even in the event of hydraulic failure.


Should a pin be inadvertently missed, either coupler hook is strong enough to hold the full weight of the work tool on it's own.


The lock on the front pin of the work tool is clearly visible to the operator, always showing the status of the coupler: open or closed. This gives the operator confidence a tool is engaged, and makes changing tools faster.


Pin grabber couplers allow work tools to be changed quickly—improving overall production and increasing machine versatility.

Any Attachment

Cat Center-Lock™ Pin Grabber Coupler will engage and disengage virtually any Cat bucket or attachment equipped with pins.

Lock in Any Position

Because engaging the locking mechanism in Center-Lock™ does not require gravity to actuate. Simplified operation allows quicker tool change regardless of boom or stick position.

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