1370 mm (54 in) Tine

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No tools are so indispensable on the job site as pallet forks.

Tine Thickness 2.25 in 60.0 mm Less
Tine Length 54.0 in 1372.0 mm Less
Tine Height 29.8 in 758.0 mm Less
Tine Width 6.0 in 150.0 mm Less
Tine Weight 323.0 lb 146.5 kg Less


Fusion™ Pallet Forks have an open frame design and offset tines for maximum visibility to the tines.


Forks can be configured to allow the tines to either swing or stay in a fixed position, using common hand tools.


Sizes available are 84" carriage with 48", 60" or 72" tines or 96" carriage with 60", 72", 84" or 96" tines.