1812 mm (71 in), ISO

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Stack, carry and sort piles of lumber.

Interface ISO ISO Less
Carriage Width 71.0 in 1812.0 mm Less
Tine Length 49.4 in 1256.0 mm Less
Grapple Height 102.6 in 2606.0 mm Less
Grapple Area 20.7 ft2 1.92 m2 Less
Grapple Weight 3741.2 lb 1697.0 kg Less


Designed and built for log and lumber and is primarily used for moving logs from stack piles for further processing.

Lumber-Handling Performance

Purpose-built for use in log and lumber applications, the Sorting Grapple Fork is equipped with a large clamp creating a 21 square foot opening for material.

Powerful Clamp

Integrated pressure regulator provides the ability to adjust clamping force, minimizing the potential to damage material being carried.

Short Tines

Specifically designed to slide under log piles and roll them into the grapple. Short tines allow for precise control when loading the grapple with logs.

Replaceable Wear Strips

Bolt-on wear strips on the underside of the grapple are easily replaced at regular service intervals avoiding additional welding.


Various available fork tips allow the Sorting Grapple to be configured to machine and operation.