Snow Pushes

Cat® Snow Pushes are designed for snow removal applications in parking lots, driveways, airport runways and storage lots. The unique design allows for one push to scrape the surface, minimizing follow up pushes, reducing the amount of salt needed to control ice buildup.

Cat® Sectional Snow Push Highlights

  • Sections maximize the number of cutting edges on the surface when encountering obstacles or uneven surfaces.
  • Self leveling system always keeps the side skids on surface for snow removal.
  • Sectional side wing with shoes can tilt to ride over obstructions.
  • Spring and tensioning block allows trip cutting edge to flex 45 degrees.
  • Polyurethane blocks will deflect for the section to ride over obstructions.
  • Coupler bracket and snow push interface are designed to slide to maximize contact of the sectional snow push cutting edges on the ground.

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