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Using data from technology equipped assets, you’ll get more information and insight into your equipment and operations than ever before. Whether your goal is to improve performance, reduce risk or control costs, Work with your Cat dealer to find the right options you need to build the successful, sustainable business you want.

Lantern Festival

One Cat® Generator. That’s all it took to light up the night sky—and the faces of hundreds of residents in China’s Yuhu Village. Their smiles, joy and wonder as they experience Lantern Festival in their village are all captured in “Lantern Festival,” the latest short film in the Built For It™ Trials.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp has grown every year because of the caliber of entertainment and the festival’s reputation as a well-run venue, and a key element of the event’s success is reliable power that keeps the music playing and ensures a safe environment for visitors.

Cat® Fuel Consumption Monitoring System

The Cat® Fuel Consumption Monitoring System makes it easy for you to accurately track fuel consumption in real time. The system's direct volume measurement calculates net fuel burn with better than 2% accuracy – eliminating other types of fuel consumption guesswork.

Lantern Festival Summer Camp Cat® Fuel Consumption Monitoring System
Lantern Festival

Cat Rental Power Solutions - North America

Cat® Rental Power is always standing by to get you set up and running quickly with the largest fleet of generator sets in North America, temperature control units, and compressed air equipment, all built exclusively for rental applications.
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Cat Rental Power Solutions - Global

From building construction to hurricane relief, concert-stage lighting to peak-time utility power, Cat® Rental Power delivers clean, reliable, fuel-efficient generator sets whenever and wherever you need them.
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Cat Rental Power Emergency Planner

Emergency response experts recommend looking at the common results of any disaster. Significant among these is loss of electric power. Use this planner to prepare for emergency situations that could affect your day-today operations.
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The Permanent Solution to Your Temporary Power Needs
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Cat Rental Power Products are available for any need or application.

• Oil and gas   • Industrial   • Quarry and mining   • Events   • Commercial   • Telecom   • Construction   • Shipping   • Utilities   • Governmental contractors

• Scheduled power shutdowns   • Remote locations or sites   • New or expanded facilities   • Seasonal peak load needs   • Unscheduled downtime on equipment

Whatever your business, whatever your needs, count on Cat Rental Power and the Cat dealer network.

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