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Linking underground and surface mining operations, the Cat® Highwall Mining System is a testament to innovative mining equipment. The HW300 offers a safe and innovative method for extracting coal from exposed seams in a multitude of applications.


Highwall Mining System 495665.0 lb 225000.0 kg Less


Maximum Penetration Capability 1000.0 ft 305.0 m Less

Weight (without Cutter Module)

Machine Weight 495665.0 lb 225000.0 kg Less

Mine Mode Dimensions (without Cutter Module)

Width 38.5 ft 11.7 m Less
Height 28.7 ft 8.7 m Less
Length 66.5 ft 20.3 m Less

Operating Specification

Maximum Penetration Capability 1000.0 ft 305.0 m Less

The Highwall Mining Method

Extracting coal affordably and safely.

Cutter Module

Proven technology for accurate cuts.

Power Head

Providing the forces for optimal performance.


Improved maneuverability in tight spaces.

Operator Comfort

Ergonomic design for comfort, control and productivity.

Push Beams

The backbone of the highwall mining system.

Reel and Chain

Storage and protection of cables and hoses.

Control System

Keeping the operation productive.

Anchoring System

Maximum Stabilization even under toughest conditions.

Equipment Relocation

Convenient modularity for quick assembly.


Designed with safety as the first priority.


Services to keep your equipment productive.

HW300 Optional Equipment

  • Used to guide the cutter module through the coal seam, leaving predetermined amounts of coal in the roof and floor. This system also allows the mining of coal in soft roof and/or soft floor situations.

  • For hot-climate applications, this package extends the operating temperature of the equipment up to 55° C (131° F).

  • For extreme-cold climates, this package extends the operating temperature to -40° C (-40° F).

  • This feature discharges coal to the right or left of the machine.

  • This tool is mounted to the front of a wheel loader to provide safe and efficient transportation of push beams to and from the highwall mining system.

  • A self-contained generator system provides electrical power to the highwall mining system in remote locations where connection to a utility grid is not practical.

Is Your Site Ready For A Highwall Miner?

Use this site evaluation tool to find out if the geology and physical characteristics of your mine site can comfortably accommodate a Cat HW300 Highwall Miner.

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