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We know that when it comes to material handling equipment, your success depends on high productivity and dependable performance. The new Cat® MH3059 Material Handler is designed where harsh environments and severe duty applications of industrial, scrap recycling, and bulk handling operations call for safe, quality and reliable products. The MH3059 is a purpose-built material handler from the ground up. Everything about this machine is designed to do one thing well - move material.


Engine Model Cat® C9 ACERT™ Cat® C9 ACERT™ Less
Emissions U.S. Stage lllA/Tier 3 U.S. Stage lllA/Tier 3 Less
Displacement 537.0 in3 8.8 L Less
Bore 4.41 in 112.0 mm Less
Cylinders 6 in-line 6 in-line Less
Fuel Capacity 110.0 gal 416.0 L Less
Maximum Torque @ 1,400 rpm 1095.0 lb ft 1.48 kN·m Less
Net Power (ISO 9249) 325.0 hp 242.0 kW Less
Stroke 5.87 in 149.0 mm Less

Hydraulic System

Controls Electro/hydraulic pilot controls Electro/hydraulic pilot controls Less
System Capacity 205.0 gal 776.0 L Less
Tank Capacity 130.0 gal 492.0 L Less


Operating Weight 58 967 kg (130,000 lb) 58 967 kg (130,000 lb) Less
Counterweight 27000.0 lb 12247.0 kg Less
Boom Weight (with cylinders) 13800.0 lb 6260.0 kg Less
MH Undercarriage, 4 Welded Outriggers 45300.0 lb 20548.0 kg Less
Stick Weight (with cylinders) 8000.0 lb 3629.0 kg Less
Upper Weight 62900.0 lb 28531.0 kg Less

Swing Mechanism

Swing Torque 97000.0 lb ft 131.5 kN·m Less
Swing Speed 7.0 RPM 7.0 RPM Less
Maximum Swing Pump Flow 52.0 gal/min 197.0 L/min Less
Swing System Closed loop hydrostatic system with electro-proportional controls Closed loop hydrostatic system with electro-proportional controls Less


Maximum Travel Speed 7.2 mph 11.6 km/h Less
Creeper Speed 2.3 mph 3.7 km/h Less
Maximum Gradeability 35% 35% Less


Ground Clearance at Lowest Point 10.75 in 273.0 mm Less
Minimum Turning Radius (inside) 21.0 ft 6.4 m Less
Oscillation Axle Angle ±4 degrees ±4 degrees Less

Working Ranges

Long Boom/Long Stick - Maximum Depth 20.67 ft 6.3 m Less
Long Boom/Long Stick - Maximum Height 70.54 ft 21.5 m Less
Long Boom/Long Stick - Maximum Reach 63.32 ft 19.3 m Less

Hydraulic System: Maximum Pressure

Auxiliary Circuit: High Pressure - Factory Setting 22 750 kPa/15 168 kPa (3,300 psi/2,200 psi) 22 750 kPa/15 168 kPa (3,300 psi/2,200 psi) Less
Auxiliary Circuit: High Pressure - Maximum Allowable Relief Setting 4800.0 psi 33095.0 kPa Less
Auxiliary Circuit: Medium Pressure - Factory Setting 2200.0 psi 15168.0 kPa Less
Auxiliary Circuit: Medium Pressure - Maximum Allowable Relief Setting 2500.0 psi 17237.0 kPa Less
Implement Circuit 4800.0 psi 33095.0 kPa Less
Swing Circuit 5500.0 psi 37921.0 kPa Less
Travel Circuit 4800.0 psi 33095.0 kPa Less

Hydraulic System: Maximum Flow

Auxiliary Circuit - High Pressure 79.0 gal/min 300.0 L/min Less
Auxiliary Circuit - Medium Pressure 25.0 gal/min 95.0 L/min Less
Implement Circuit, Combined (2 pumps) 168.0 gal/min 636.0 L/min Less
Operating Temperature 60-73° C (140-164° F) 60-73° C (140-164° F) Less


Ground Penetration 6.0 in 152.0 mm Less

Service Refill Capabilities

Cooling System 9.5 gal 36.0 L Less
Engine Crankcase with Filter 8.7 gal 33.0 L Less
Final Drive (each) 2.0 gal 7.6 L Less
Fuel Tank 110.0 gal 416.0 L Less
Hydraulic System (including tank) 205.0 gal 776.0 L Less
Hydraulic Tank 130.0 gal 492.0 L Less
Pump Drive 1.5 gal 5.7 L Less

Key Features

Commitment from the Ground Up

Engine and Power Train

More Power and Efficiency

Hydraulic System

Effective Hydraulics - Improve Your Machine’s Performance

Structure and Frame

Built Quality - Structural Integrity

Front Linkage

Durability - Built with No Compromises

Integrated Technology

Efficiently Operate and Manage Your Machine

Operator Station

Built for Your Comfort


Efficient Servicing for More Productivity

Safety and Security

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Complete Customer Care

Commitment to Your Uptime


Built for a Better Tomorrow

Work Tool Attachments

Work Tools That Matter

MH3059 Standard Equipment

  • 24V DC
  • Two 12V batteries
  • Halogen cab and stick lights
  • Engine and hydraulic compartments service lights
  • Sealed wiring enclosures

  • Ground access cab
  • Bolt-on FOGS
  • Tempered glass windows
  • Laminated glass front windshield
  • Removable lower windshield
  • Sliding upper door window
  • Suspension seat with adjustable arm rest
  • Retractable 76 mm (3") seat belt (cloth)
  • Skylight with sun shade
  • Upper windshield wiper and washers
  • Positive filtered ventilation
  • Bi-level air conditioner, heater and defroster
  • Instrument panel and gauges
  • Interior lighting
  • Coat hook
  • Audible rearview camera monitor
  • LCD monitor: - Full graphic color display with language display capability - Filter and fluid change notifications - Working hour information - Machine condition monitoring

  • 242 kW (325 hp) Cat C9 ACERT diesel engine
  • Variable pitch auto reversing fan
  • Precleaner plus two-stage air filter

  • Four independent wheel drives with planetary gear boxes
  • Oscillating rear axle with lock-out feature
  • Two mode shift: - Standard and creeper speeds
  • Four wheel independent hydraulic braking plus park brake
  • One button operation for all outriggers plus individual controls
  • Guarded outrigger cylinders

  • Upper and lower auto-lube (excludes outriggers)
  • Operating system
  • Rearview camera

  • Load sensing variable displacement hydraulics with proportional electro-hydraulic controlled, pre-compensated valves and flow sharing
  • Two 318 L/min (84 gal/min) main pumps
  • Dedicated closed loop hydrostatic swing system with regenerative hydraulic braking
  • 197 L/min (52 gal/min) swing pump at 37 921 kPa (5,500 psi) with large capacity direct drive swing motor
  • 1651 mm (64") ring gear
  • 23 L/min (6 gal/min) pump for hydraulic cooling fan
  • Induction hardened cylinders with electronic cushions
  • Load holding valves on cylinders for boom and stick
  • Load holding valves on cylinders for outriggers
  • Load holding valves on cylinders for cab riser
  • Hydraulic warm-up valve

MH3059 Optional Equipment

33 kW solid state generator (factory installed)

Hydraulic tank heater (factory installed)

High intensity stick lights (factory installed)

High intensity cab lights (factory installed)

Cab reflective film (field installed)

Auxiliary keypad (field installed)

Software and decals for joystick control reconfiguration (field installed)

Cat Product Link (field installed)

Cat orange peel grapples with crosshead and connecting lines (field installed)