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Our customers think the track loader is the 2nd most important machine behind the compactor in a landfill. Discover the assets of this Cat® Waste Handler ...


Engine Model Cat® C6.6 ACERT™ Cat® C6.6 ACERT™ Less
Flywheel Power 148.0 hp 110.0 kW Less


Track Shoe Width - Standard 18.9 in 480.0 mm Less
Track Shoe Width - Optional 15.0 in 380.0 mm Less
Track Gauge 71.0 in 1800.0 mm Less
Track on Ground 91.3 in 2320.0 mm Less
Ground Contact Area - Standard Shoe 2790.0 in2 1.8 m2 Less
Ground Contact Area - Optional Shoe 3410.0 in2 2.2 m2 Less
Ground Pressure - Standard Shoe 9.5 psi 65.8 kPa Less
Ground Pressure - Optional Shoe 12.3 psi 84.1 kPa Less
Track Shoe Type Double Grouser Double Grouser Less

Hydraulic System - Implement

Cycle Time - Dump 1.5 Seconds 1.5 Seconds Less
Cycle Time - Raise 5.9 Seconds 5.9 Seconds Less
Float Down 3.2 Seconds 3.2 Seconds Less
Output - Maximum 30.8 gal/min 140.0 L/min Less
Relief Valve Setting 4061.0 psi 28000.0 kPa Less
Total Cycle Time 10.6 Seconds 10.6 Seconds Less
Type Close center load sensing/piston Close center load sensing/piston Less

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank 83.5 gal 316.0 L Less
Cooling System 8.0 gal 31.0 L Less
Crankcase (with Filter) 4.4 gal 16.5 L Less
Final Drives (each) 2.8 gal 10.8 L Less
Hydraulic Tank 18.5 gal 70.0 L Less


Operating Weight 34381.0 lb 15595.0 kg Less


Capacity - General Purpose Landfill 3.0 yd3 2.3 m3 Less
Capacity - Multi-Purpose Landfill 2.74 yd3 2.1 m3 Less
Width - General Purpose Landfill 96.8 in 2458.0 mm Less
Width - Multi-Purpose Landfill 99.8 in 2536.0 mm Less

Ripper Specifications

Type Radial Radial Less
Number of Pockets 3 3 Less
Overall Width/Beam 76.9 in 1952.0 mm Less
Penetration 9.45 in 240.0 mm Less
Ripping Width 70.9 in 1800.0 mm Less


Standards Standards Standards Less

Operating Specifications

Track on Ground 91.3 in 2320.0 mm Less
Ground Pressure 9.5 psi 65.8 kPa Less
Max Travel Speed 6.2 mph 10.0 km/h Less

Waste Handling Arrangement

Tailored for waste applications.


Tailored for waste applications.

953D WH Standard Equipment

For standard equipment, please refer to the 953D Track Loader information.

953D WH Optional Equipment

  • Lights, 4, extra
  • Beacon, rotating

  • Control, joystick, MP bucket
  • Control, two levers, GP bucket
  • Comfort seat, air suspended, heated
  • Cab window, front sealed
  • Cat Messenger

  • Fan, demand, reversible
  • Tank fuel, fast fill
  • Air inlet, pre-cleaner, turbine

  • Hydraulic oil, bio
  • Oil change, high speed
  • Hydraulics MP Bucket, lines front
  • Hydraulics RIPPER, control, lines rear
  • Hydraulics MP + RIPPER, lines front and rear

  • Striker bar, rear
  • Ripper, multi-Shank
  • Hitch, standard
  • Hitch, extended
  • Counterweight, light
  • Counterweight, additional

  • General Purpose, for bolt-on GET
  • General Purpose, flush mounted adapt
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Multi-Purpose, landfill
  • General Purpose, landfill, flush mounted adapt
  • General Purpose, landfill and demolition

  • Teeth, Extra Duty
  • Teeth, General Duty
  • Teeth, Penetration
  • Bolt On, Cutting Edge
  • Bolt On Segments, Cutting Edge
  • Cutting Edge Segment
  • Tips, Extra Duty

  • Guard, track roller
  • Guard, idler
  • Guard, cab lights
  • Guard, lift lines
  • Screen, windshield

  • Track shoes, 380 mm (15 in), double grouser
  • Track shoes, 480 mm (19 in), center hole
  • Track shoes, 480 mm (19 in), double grouser
  • Track shoes, 800 mm (31 in), Wide Gauge
  • Final drive, waste
  • Undercarriage, 2100 mm (83 in), Wide Gauge

  • Cab, tilt jack, hydraulic
  • Radio, AM/FM, CD
  • Heather, engine coolant, 120V
  • Heather, engine coolant, 240V
  • Re- fueling pump
  • Sediment pump, fuel tank
  • Cat Product Link
  • Antifreeze, -50° C (-58° F)

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