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The right roof support for any longwall application.


Carry Capacity 60.0 tons 55.0 tonnes Less
Vehicle Length 33.04 ft 10.07 m Less
Vehicle Width 10.17 ft 3.1 m Less
Frame Oscillation 8.0 Degrees 8.0 Degrees Less
Gradients Possible (gradient data short-term only) 14.5° continuous 14.5° continuous Less
Ground Clearance 13.7 in 350.0 mm Less
Maximum Speed 11.8 mph 19.0 km/h Less
Maximum Speed with Load 5.0 mph 8.0 km/h Less
Motor/Engine Diesel Diesel Less
Power Rated at 172 kW to 202 kW (234 hp to 260 hp) 172 kW to 202 kW (234 hp to 260 hp) Less
Pull Winch Rated at 20 tonnes (22 tons)/30 tonnes (33 tons) 20 tonnes (22 tons)/30 tonnes (33 tons) Less
Steering Steering wheel Steering wheel Less
Steering Articulation 45.0 Degrees 45.0 Degrees Less
Torque/Tractive Effort 79366.0 lb 36000.0 kg Less
Turn Radius (outside) 21.0 ft 6.4 m Less
Wheel Base 11.81 ft 3.6 m Less


Capacity of Tow Hitch 88184.0 lb 40000.0 kg Less
Lift SAE @ 600 mm (23.6 in) from Fork Face 121250.0 lb 55000.0 kg Less
Maximum Un-braked Trailer Mass 50706.0 lb 23000.0 kg Less
Tractive Effort, Maximum 82673.0 lb 37500.0 kg Less
Winch (Front) 66138.0 lb 30000.0 kg Less


Maximum Laden 227076.0 lb 103000.0 kg Less
Unladen with Full Tanks 105821.0 lb 48000.0 kg Less

Engine (6 Cylinder)

Cooling Fan Hydraulic Driven Fan Hydraulic Driven Fan Less
Cooling System Coolant Based Radiator Coolant Based Radiator Less
Displacement 439.3 in3 7.2 L Less
Engine Make/Model Cat® C7 Cat® C7 Less
Maximum Power Gross 171.5 kW (230 hp) @ 2,200 rpm 171.5 kW (230 hp) @ 2,200 rpm Less
Maximum Torque Tested 895 N·m (660 lb-ft) @ 1,700 rpm 895 N·m (660 lb-ft) @ 1,700 rpm Less
Radiator Position Horizontal Rear Horizontal Rear Less
Type Diesel, Turbocharged Diesel, Turbocharged Less

Engine Speeds

High Idle 2300.0 RPM 2300.0 RPM Less
Low Idle 800.0 RPM 800.0 RPM Less

Fuel Consumption

At Full Power 10.4 Gal/hr 39.4 L/hr Less
Average Mine Duty 20-40 L/hr (5.5-10.5 gal/hr) 20-40 L/hr (5.5-10.5 gal/hr) Less

Exhaust Conditioner

Aftertreatment Catalytic Exhaust Purifier Catalytic Exhaust Purifier Less
Exhaust Filter Replaceable Element Except China Replaceable Element Except China Less
Exhaust Flame Trap Replaceable China and RSA Replaceable China and RSA Less
Make Caterpillar Caterpillar Less
Type Flameproof Wet Flameproof Wet Less


Speeds, Forward and Reverse 4 4 Less

Torque Converter

Type Integral Integral Less


Front Axle Heavy Duty Fixed Heavy Duty Fixed Less
Rear Axle Heavy Duty Bolster Mount Heavy Duty Bolster Mount Less

Wheels/Tires - Standard

Inflation Media Solid Solid Less
Size 1371 mm O/D × 711 mm Wide (54 in O/D × 28 in Wide) 1371 mm O/D × 711 mm Wide (54 in O/D × 28 in Wide) Less
Wheel Chains Optional Optional Less

Ground Pressure

Laden Front 222.0 psi 1433.0 kPa Less
Laden Rear 70.0 psi 480.0 kPa Less
Un-laden Front 65.0 psi 450.0 kPa Less
Un-laden Rear 116.0 psi 800.0 kPa Less

Service Brake

Application Spring Applied, Hydraulic Released Spring Applied, Hydraulic Released Less
Type Totally Enclosed, Wet Type Totally Enclosed, Wet Type Less

Park Brake

Application Spring Applied, Hydraulic Released Spring Applied, Hydraulic Released Less
Type Totally Enclosed, Wet Type Totally Enclosed, Wet Type Less


Degrees of Turn Either Side 45 Degree 45 Degree Less


Degrees Up and Down from Horizontal 7.5 Degree 7.5 Degree Less


ROPS/FOPS Optional Optional Less
Type Protective Device MDG1 MDG1 Less

Electrical System

Type Approved Flameproof Approved Flameproof Less
Voltage 24.0 volts 24.0 volts Less

Shutdown System

System Type Cat DCS Electronic, Intrinsically Safe Approved Cat DCS Electronic, Intrinsically Safe Approved Less


Number/Location STD 2 Front, 2 Rear STD 2 Front, 2 Rear Less

Service Capacities

Axle Oil (Each) 15.9 gal 60.0 L Less
Drop Box Oil 2.1 gal 8.0 L Less
Engine Cooling System Water 19.0 gal 72.0 L Less
Engine Crankcase Oil 6.6 gal 25.0 L Less
Fuel Tank 97.1 gal 370.0 L Less
Hydraulic Tank 134.7 gal 510.0 L Less
Transmission/Converter Oil 10.6 gal 40.0 L Less
Water Make Up Tank 118.9 gal 450.0 L Less

Rated Speed/Un-Laden/No Grade

1st Gear 1.6 mph 2.6 km/h Less
2nd Gear 3.9 mph 6.3 km/h Less
3rd Gear 6.9 mph 11.1 km/h Less
4th Gear 12.1 mph 19.5 km/h Less

Grade Ability

Front to Rear 1:5 1:5 Less
Side to Side (Empty) 1:4 1:4 Less
Side to Side (Laden) 1:8 1:8 Less

Diesel for Endurance

Cat diesel roof support carriers incorporate the most efficient engines and powertrains available while boasting the lowest level of general body air emissions amongst underground diesel vehicles. Many proprietary developments - such as dry scrubber and wet bath exhaust systems with diesel particulate filtration and horizontal or vertical configuration cooling radiators - make Cat diesel roof support carriers a safe and powerful solution for your longwall move. They can move any roof support over any distance and over various roadway conditions with speed and efficiency.

The Power You Need

A combination of Cat battery- and diesel-powered vehicles can offer the ideal solution for longwall installations and moves.

Diesel Power for the Long Haul

Diesel-powered equipment is used in nearly all underground mines in various tasks and functions around the world.


Cat diesel-powered roof support carriers offer independence and flexibility when you need it most - during longwall moves and reinstallation.

RAS - Rapid Attachment System

The Rapid Attachment System available for the CL10 and CL15 makes an accessory change a one-man operation, allowing a broad range of accessories to be fitted in moments without removing the backing plate. Utilizing the LHD with RAS attachments during longwall relocations can greatly reduce lost production time.

SH660 D Optional Equipment

Load indication gauge system

Cat 3126 DTI flame proof package

Fire suppression systems

ROPS/FOPS certified canopy

Tow chains

Wheel chains

Alternative approved electrical components (lights, alternators, hour meters, etc.)

Exhaust flame trap (optional) wet, standard for China, standard for RSA

Auto lubrication system

Chock carry plate

Power assist trailer connection and fixed fifth wheel plate

12V electrical system STD 3126 DTI