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  • 2000 to 3000 ekW, 2500 to 3750 kVa
  • 50 Hz 1500 RPM or 60 Hz 1800 RPM
  • 380 to 13800 Volts
  • For Standby, Prime and Continuous applications
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From natural gas-fueled combined heat and power (CHP) systems and emergency power for facilities, to renewable biogas energy to support the local grid, or electricity generated from coal mine gases, Caterpillar has a wide range of reliable gas power solutions.

Gas Generator Sets Specification

Maximum Continuous Rating 1041 ekW 1041 ekW Less
Fuel Type Natural Gas, Biogas, Coal Gas Natural Gas, Biogas, Coal Gas Less
Maximum Electrical Efficiency 36.4% 36.4% Less
Maximum Standby Rating 1000 kw 1000 kw Less
Frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz Less
rpm 1200/1500rpm 1200/1500rpm Less

Engine Specification

Engine Model G3516A G3516A Less
Bore 6.7 in 170.0 mm Less
Stroke 7.5 in 190.0 mm Less
Displacement 4210.0 in3 69.0 L Less
Aspiration TA TA Less

Generator Set Dimension

Length 193.0 in 4913.0 mm Less
Width 68.0 in 1736.0 mm Less
Height 76.0 in 1940.0 mm Less
Dry weight genset 27670.0 lb 12549.0 kg Less

Full Range of Attachments

  • Wide range of bolt-on system expansion attachments, factory designed and tested
  • Flexible packaging options for easy and cost effective installation
  • World Wide Product Support

    Cat Dealers provide extensive post sale support including maintenance and repair agreements. Cat dealers have over 1,800 dealer branch stores operating in 200 countries.The Cat® S•O•SSM program cost effectively detects internal engine component condition, even the presence of unwanted fluids and combustion by-products.

    Proven system

    Cat SR4B Generator

    Designed to match performance and output characteristics of Caterpillar gas engines. Industry leading mechanical and electrical design. High efficiency

    CAT® G3516A Gas Engine

    Robust high speed diesel block design provides prolonged life and lower owning operationg costs. Designed for maximum performance on low pressure gaseous fuel supply. Simple open hamber combustion system for reliability and fuel flexibility. Leading edge technology in ignition system and air/fuel ratio control for lower emission and engine efficiency. One electronic control module handles all engine functions: ignition, governing, air/fuel ratio control and engine protection

    G3516A Standard Equipment

    Air Inlet

    Control Panels


    • Dry exhaust manifolds, insulated and shielded

    Fuel system

    • SR4B
    • Caterpillar's Digital Voltage Regulator (CDVR) with 3-phase sensing and KVAR/PF control
    • Anti-condensation space heater
    • Permanent magnet excitation

    • 24V starting motors

    • Paint - Caterpillar Yellow except rails and radiatorsgloss black
    • Crankshaft vibration damper and guard
    • Operation and maintenance manuals
    • Parts book

    G3516A Optional Equipment

    Air Inlet
    • Air inlet adapters

    Control Panels

    • Inlet/Outlet connections

    • Flange
    • Exhaust expander
    • Elbow
    • Flexible fitting
    • Muffler and spark-arresting muffler with companion flanges

    Fuel System

    • Low voltage extension box
    • Cable access box
    • European bus bar
    • Generator air filter

    • Battery charger
    • Oversized battery
    • Jacket water heater
    • Battery with cable and rack (shipped loose)
    • Charging alternator

    • Engine barring group
    • EEC D.O.I and other certifications
    • Crankcase explosion relief valve