C32 ACERT Tier 2 Recreational

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Intermittent Ratings - Maximum Power 1600.0 bhp 1193.0 bkW Less
High Performance Ratings - Maximum Power 1900.0 bhp 1417.0 bkW Less


Configuration Vee 12, 4-Stroke-Cycle Diesel Vee 12, 4-Stroke-Cycle Diesel Less
Stroke 6.38 in 162.0 mm Less
Aspiration TTA TTA Less
Displacement 1959.0 in3 32.1 L Less
Rotation (from flywheel end) Counterclockwise Counterclockwise Less
Bore 5.71 in 145.0 mm Less

Dimensions & Weights

Minimum Dry Weight 6600.0 lb 2994.0 kg Less
Maximum Dry Weight 6950.0 lb 3152.0 kg Less
Minimum Length 77.8 in 1976.0 mm Less
Maximum Height 59.9 in 1521.0 mm Less
Minimum Width 55.4 in 1408.0 mm Less
Maximum Width 58.9 in 1496.0 mm Less
Minimum Height 54.4 in 1381.0 mm Less
Maximum Length 81.6 in 2072.0 mm Less

Improved power density

Increased power to weight ratio

Excellent fuel consumption

IMO emissions compliant

Cleaner engine room air

ACERT Technology Improvements

-New block, head and pistons, resulting in higher cylinder pressure -Mechanically actuated electronic unit injection (MEUI) fuel system -ADEM 4 electronics

Durable and reliable

Standard Caterpillar warranty

Parts and service support from worldwide dealer organization

C32 ACERT Tier 2 Recreational Standard Equipment

Air Inlet System
  • Corrosion resistant sea water aftercooler
  • Air cleaner/fumes disposal system (closed)

Fuel System
  • Fuel filter, RH service on Port, LH service on Starboard
  • Fuel transfer pump
  • Fuel priming pump

  • Graphical Unit (Marine Power Display or Marine Analog Power Display) for Analog or digital display of:
  • Internal Override and control switches
  • 24pin customer connector (for use with remote panel)
  • Local Keyswitch for Power on/off
  • Start/Stop buttons
  • Local stop button
  • Backup ECM ready light
  • Backup ECM active light
  • Overspeed shutdown notification light
  • Remote stop notification light

Lube System
  • Crankcase breather
  • Oil filter, spin-on, RH service on Port, LH service on Starboard
  • Oil pan, center sump
  • Shallow sump pan (250hr oil change interval)
  • Oil filler and Dipstick, RH service on Port, LH service on Starboard
  • Shallow center sump oil pan

Mounting System
  • Front support - adjustable

Power Takeoffs
  • Hydraulic pump drive, SAE A, 11 tooth spline, 46 ft-lb max torque, conterclockwise as viewed from front of the engine looking into the drive and turns 1.41 x engine speed, 292 mm crankshaft pulley, 15.88 mm width

Protection System
  • 24 volt electronic

  • Crankshaft Vibration damper
  • Lifting eyes
  • RH or LH service options
  • Literature

Cooling System
  • Sea water/Aux pump, gear driven, bronze impeller
  • Sea water/Aux pump, gear driven, rubber impeller
  • Heat exchanger - Titanium plate with integral expansion tank and thermostat hsg (fully open temp 92C) -Integral fuel cooler
  • Coolant recovery system
  • Oil Cooler
  • Jacket water pump, gear driven, centrifugal

Control System
  • Electronic Governor
  • Mechanically-actuated electronic unit injection (MEUI) fuel system
  • Electronic Control Module (ECM)

Exhaust System
  • Watercooled exhaust manifold and turbocharger
  • Round flanged outlet

C32 ACERT Tier 2 Recreational Optional Equipment

Air Inlet Systems
  • Heavy Duty Air Cleaner
  • Remote Air Inlet Adapter

Charging Systems
  • Battery Charger
  • Charging Alternators
  • Voltmeter

Cooling System
  • Sea water Inlet Connections
  • Sea water outlet connections

Fuel System
  • Water Separator Filters
  • Fuel Cooler

  • OEM Wiring Harness
  • Engine to Engine Harness
  • Instrument Panels
  • Pilot House Instrument Panels

Lube System
  • Transmission oil coolers
  • Double wall fuel lines

Protection System
  • Marine Classification Society and Solas
  • Alarm Contactor

Starting System
  • Electric Starting Motors - Single 24 Volt
  • Starting Aids
  • Battery Sets - 24 Volt - Dry

  • Adapter Kit
  • Guards
  • Filter Cover kit
  • Fumes Disposal Breather
  • Tool Set
  • EEC Certification

  • Engine Protective Cover
  • Export Packing
  • Storage Preservation

Emission Certification
  • IMO certs for ABS, GL

Exhaust System
  • Elbows
  • Flexible Fitting

Mounting System
  • Vibration isolation mounting

Power Take-Offs
  • Hydraulic Pump Drives (RH or LH rear)

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