C18 ACERT Tier 2

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The Cat C18 ACERT generator provides customers with a more comprehensive power offering, enabling them to enjoy the benefit of dealing with one supplier for both propulsion and auxiliary power.

Generator Set Specifications

Minimum Rating 275 eKW (344 kVA) 275 eKW (344 kVA) Less
Maximum Rating 550 eKW (688 kVA) 550 eKW (688 kVA) Less
Voltage 344 kVA to 563 kVA 344 kVA to 563 kVA Less
Frequency 50 hz or 60 hz 50 hz or 60 hz Less
Speed 1500 rpm (50 hz) or 1800 rpm (60 hz) 1500 rpm (50 hz) or 1800 rpm (60 hz) Less

Engine Specifications

Engine Model In-line 6, 4-Stroke-Cycle Diesel In-line 6, 4-Stroke-Cycle Diesel Less
Bore 5.7 in 145.0 mm Less
Displacement 1106.0 in3 18.1 L Less
Stroke 7.2 in 183.0 mm Less
Aspiration Turbocharged-Aftercooled Turbocharged-Aftercooled Less
Governor Type Electronic Electronic Less

Generator Set Configurations

Emissions/Fuel Strategy EPA Tier II, IMO II, EU CC2 EPA Tier II, IMO II, EU CC2 Less

Generator Set Dimensions

Weight 4209 kg (9280lb) to 4661 kg (10275 lb) 4209 kg (9280lb) to 4661 kg (10275 lb) Less
Length 3040 mm (119.7 in) to 3075.5 mm (121.1 in) 3040 mm (119.7 in) to 3075.5 mm (121.1 in) Less
Width 1150.9 mm (45.3 in) to 1300.9 mm (51.2 in) 1150.9 mm (45.3 in) to 1300.9 mm (51.2 in) Less
Height 1557.5 mm (61.3 in) 1557.5 mm (61.3 in) Less

Generator Specifications

Excitation Permanent Magnet Permanent Magnet Less
Pitch .6667-.7333 .6667-.7333 Less
Number of poles 4 4 Less
Number of bearings 1 1 Less
Number of leads 12 12 Less
Insulation Class H Class H Less
IP Rating Drop Proof IP 23 Drop Proof IP 23 Less
Alignment Pilot Shaft Pilot Shaft Less
Overspeed capability 180 180 Less
Wave form Deviation (Line to Line) less than 3.0% less than 3.0% Less
Voltage Regulation + or - 0.5% + or - 0.5% Less
Telephone influence factor less than 50 less than 50 Less

Superior Power Density

Heat exchanger and keel cooled offerings

Complete electronic control of fuel injection and engine timing

Load sharing capability

No visible smoke during steady state operation

12 lead design allows half voltage configurations

Maintenance free generator bearings

Industry standard 2/3 pitch. (0.733 for 450 ekW 50 Hz & 550 ekW 60 Hz)

Generator temperature monitoring sensors are standard (3-wire platinum RTDs)

Base frame including fully elastomer package isolation

Caterpillar standard warranty

Parts and service support from worldwide dealer organization

One source of supply for fully integrated genset package

MCS approved engines and generators (* ABS Certification only for 450 ekW 50 Hz & 550 ekW 60 Hz; other society certifications in process)

Type approval documentation available, including TVA

Proven compatibility with Fixed Water Based Local Application Fire Fighting System (FWBLAFFS)

C18 ACERT Tier 2 Standard Equipment

Air Inlet System
  • Corrosion-resistant sea water aftercooler core; air cleaner/ fumes disposal, jacket water cooled turbocharger, turbocharger inlet OD straight connection

Control System
  • Note: If an EMCP panel or MCS control panel is not chosen as optional equipment, then start/stop controls must be provided by the customer. Electronic governing (A4 ECU), programmable low idle, electronic diagnostics and fault logging, fuel/air ratio control

Cooling System
  • Gear-driven jacket water pump; gear driven, bronze impeller, sea water pump;separate circuit keel cooling or titanium plate heat exchanger (with expansion tank and coolant recovery system).

Exhaust System
  • Watercooled exhaust manifold and turbocharger; ID round flanged outlet

Flywheels & Flywheel Housings
  • SAE No. 0 flywheel (136 teeth); SAE No. 0 flywheel housing; SAE standard rotation

Fuel System
  • Fuel filter (RH or LH service); fuel priming pump; fuel transfer pump; flexible fuel lines

  • 12-lead reconnectable; three-phase brushless; voltage regulation ± 0.5%; Class H insulation (generator meets Marine Society temperature rise requirements for Class F insulation) permanent magnet (PMG) excitation; surface-mounted platinum stator and bearing RTDs, space heaters; Cat Digital Voltage Regulator (Cat DVR)

Lube System
  • Crankcase breather; oil cooler; spin-on oil filters (RH or LH service); deep sump oil pan; oil filler; dipstick (RH or LH service); gear-driven oil pump

Mounting System
  • 254 mm (10 in.) height rails; eight shipped-loose linear vibration isolators for installation below base

Power Take-Offs
  • Hydraulic pump drive; SAE A; 11 tooth spline; crankshaft pulley (alternator drive)

Protection System
  • Electronic shutdown (24 volt)

  • Torsional finned vibration damper; lifting eyes; RH or LH service options; literature; variable engine wiring; upper rear-facing customer wiring connector and service tool connection
  • Factory-designed systems built at Caterpillar ISO 9001:2000 certified facilities.

C18 ACERT Tier 2 Optional Equipment

Emissions Certifications
  • CCNR and IMO (ABS or GL), EPA Tier II certifications

Air Inlet System
  • Heavy duty air cleaner, closed crank case ventilation system

Charging System
  • Battery charger - 10A; alternator: 12V (51A or 105A), 24V (35A or 60A)

Control System
  • EMCP 3 control panel; CMPD

Cooling System
  • Flange kit

Exhaust System
  • Dry elbows; water-cooled elbows; flexible fittings; mufflers; flanges; rain caps

Fuel System
  • Duplex fuel filters; water separators; fuel cooler

Generators & Generator Attachments
  • Manual voltage control; low voltage connections; loadshare module

Lube System
  • Sump pumps; oil pan accessories; duplex oil fi lters

MCS Alarm & Protection System
  • Includes remote-mountable MCS control panel with 5.7" TFT color screen, all MCS-required alarm & shutdown sensors, full-length drip trays, single-point ship communications (RS-485 modbus RTU), CANOpen, J1939, Ethernet modbus TCP

MCS Alarm & Protection System Options
  • Remote display (connectable to GPS/GPM) controls up to 8 gensets; 3-phase power monitoring; manual speed control; remote E-stop; programmable I/O and relay modules

Starting System
  • Air starter; air pressure regulator; air silencer; electric starter (12 or 24V); jacket water heater; battery sets

  • Guards; fi lter cover kits; tool set; literature; decals; storage preservation; export packing

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