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Cruise ships and passenger vessels are the unchallenged sovereigns of the seas. These are the elegant, majestic and migh ty giants that cross the oceans. To ensure that passengers enjoy luxurious life-style on board, these ships require a propulsion that is powerful yet cannot other wise be noticed. The top priority is thus an engine with low noise, vibration and emission levels. The source of this power is calm strength with the VM 43 C quietly at work in the background.

Generator Set Specifications

Minimum Rating 10357 eKW (12960 kVA) 10357 eKW (12960 kVA) Less
Maximum Rating 16111 eKW (20160 kVA) 16111 eKW (20160 kVA) Less

Engine Specifications

Bore 17.0 in 430.0 mm Less
Stroke 24.0 in 610.0 mm Less
Displacement 2257.88 in3 37.0 L Less
Displacement (Std) 5406.7 in3 88.6 L Less
Engine Model VM 43 C VM 43 C Less

Generator Set Configurations

Emissions/Fuel Strategy EPA Tier 2 & IMO II EPA Tier 2 & IMO II Less

Generator Set Dimensions

Weight 275000 kg - 345000 kg (606271 lbs - 760594lbs) 275000 kg - 345000 kg (606271 lbs - 760594lbs) Less
Length 14740 mm - 16870 mm (580.3in - 664.2 in) 14740 mm - 16870 mm (580.3in - 664.2 in) Less
Width 3890 mm - 4027 mm (153.1 in - 158.5 in) 3890 mm - 4027 mm (153.1 in - 158.5 in) Less
Height 6517 mm - 7047 mm (256.6 in - 277.4 in) 6517 mm - 7047 mm (256.6 in - 277.4 in) Less

Wide availability range

The modular construction of the engine, the integration of various functions into a single component, the robust design and the utilization of already proven, in-line engine components, form the basis for the wide availability range of this engine.

A compact, simple and clean design.

The consistent application of MaK long-stroke engine design and development, along with the incorporation of as many in-line engine components as possible, is clearly and impressively demonstrated in the external configuration: a compact, simple and clean design.

Outstanding economic operation

Reliable heavy fuel oil operation, low fuel and lubricating oil consumption, together with easy maintenance and long maintenance intervals, mean outstanding economical operation.

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