Cat Grade with 3D

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Cat® Grade with 3D integrates traditional machine control and guidance with machine hardware and software from the factory in order to improve productivity, usability, reliability, job site safety and machine value. It is another example of Caterpillar innovation and technology leading the way for our customers to be more successful.

3D systems use Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) satellite technology to deliver precise blade positioning and location information to the operator in the cab. Using machine-mounted components, position sensing hydraulic cylinders, an off-board GNSS base station, and Real Time Kinematic (RTK) positioning accuracy, these systems provide the information necessary to determine precise blade positioning with centimeter level accuracy. The system computes the positioning information on the machine compared to the position of the cutting edge relative to the design plane and delivers the information to the operator via the standard in-cab display. All the information the operator needs to complete a job is delivered to the cab display, resulting in a greater level of control. Cat Grade with 3D also provides overcut protection and linkage to additional Caterpillar exclusive features like AutoCarry™, Automatic Ripper Control and Load Assist. These systems are ideal for high production dozing and cutting complex 3D contours, such as highway projects.

Application Road Construction, Road Maintenance, Utilities, Underground Work, Taxiway/Runway Construction, Dam Construction, Residential Development, Land Leveling Road Construction, Road Maintenance, Utilities, Underground Work, Taxiway/Runway Construction, Dam Construction, Residential Development, Land Leveling Less
Machine Compatibility Dozers, Wheel-Tractor Scrapers, Hydraulic Excavators Dozers, Wheel-Tractor Scrapers, Hydraulic Excavators Less

Increased operator and jobsite safety

  • No daily mast mounting/ dismounting. Eliminates the need for grade checkers, keeping them out of harms way.

Start working immediately

  • No machine movement for orientation necessary due to dual gps antennas

Avoid position drift

  • 2 gps antennas enable compensation while crabbing in steep slopes like dikes and noise barriers, preventing over or under cutting of the blade tips in thin layers

Reduced wear and tear

  • Auto carry enables novice and experienced operators to avoid track slippage, increasing the lifetime of the undercarriage

Full blade load

  • Auto carry enables the operator to always drive with full blade load, without having to worry about slipping tracks

Flexible compatible with UTS or laser

  • Works with accugrade 2d laser or 3d uts when gps signal is not available (indoor, trees, high buildings, tunnel), no design or need for more accuracy

Finished faster

  • Up to 25% faster rough earth moving and spreading with auto carry function

Higher productivity

  • Up to 50% fewer passes necessary to achieve target grade

Increased component protection

  • Factory integrated