Why Cat Financial

Why choose Cat Financial? Here are a few reasons to consider us.

Higher satisfaction

Customers tell us they’re more satisfied with their equipment when they finance through Cat Financial.

Higher approval rates

Your loan or lease has a better chance of approval with Cat Financial. We approve 89 percent of the transactions we receive—compared to an industry average of 68 percent and just 60 percent for banks. That’s a big reason we financed nearly 18,000 units in the U.S. in 2011.

Lower down payments

You won’t need a large down payment with Cat Financial. In 2011, nearly 47 percent of our customers put down just 0 to 5 percent. Less than 30 percent of customers from our closest competition had payments that low.

Faster service

You’ll likely get approval faster, receive your funding quicker and pay less in documentation fees with Cat Financial than you would with other financial institutions.

More flexible terms

You can count on Cat Financial to be there in good times and bad. During the economic downturn, we modified close to 16,000 contracts, or 18 percent of our retail portfolio, to keep our customers in business. We’re built for the long haul and for the life of your business.

One-stop shopping

You only need one account to pay for parts, service and rentals at any Cat dealer in the U.S. Pay now or pay later to help manage your cash flow, as well as take advantage of special 0% financing programs for Cat machine and engine support.

Bundled financing

You can even acquire loans and leases for equipment not manufactured by Caterpillar, thanks to Cat Financial Direct Lending. That means you can bundle all your financing together, so it’s easier to manage.

Experienced Team

Our team is solely focused on Cat equipment and has a wealth of expertise in your industry, which means we can better serve you.