CW-40 Auto-Connect

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The Cat Auto-Connect coupler automates tool exchange fully, so operators can change work tools quickly, from the safety and comfort of their cabs. Tool change becomes a matter of seconds. The Auto-Connect coupler is designed for use with Cat excavators or non-Cat carriers between 15 and 25 ton.

Weight 748.0 lb 340.0 kg Less
Width 22.0 in 550.0 mm Less
Load Rating, Hoisting Hook 11.0 t 10.0 tn Less
Length 19.0 in 475.0 mm Less

Save time with every tool change

The Auto-Connect automatically connects up to five hydraulic ports (two high pressure, two medium pressure and an optinal drain) that typically need to be connected and disconnected by hand.That shortens the time for exchanging a hydraulic work tool from around half an hour to just a few seconds. Cutting out manual intervention also avoids potentional spillage of hydraulic oil into the environment. And it prevents ruptured hydraulic lines too, avoiding unplanned downtime.

Performance at highest level

The design of the Auto-Connect has been such that back pressure is kept at a minimum. Back pressure occurs when hydraulic fluid flows through the system, causing build-up of pressure backward through the lines and valves. By keeping the back pressure low this will benefit the work tool productivity and lower machine fuel consumption and is especially beneficial for hammers as their blow rate will be as high and efficient as possible.

The right tool for the job

With near instant tool exchange your operators will be encouraged to use the right tool for the job. Every time.The tool last longer, improving your return on investment, with fewer machines needed to do the job and an improvement in your working practices.

Fast payback

With operators no longer required to unnecessarily leave the cab, and minimal conversion costs, the Auto-Connect system makes savings all down the line. With regular tool changes, the Auto-Connect will pay for itself within a couple of months.

Service that's second to none

Operator changes attachments in seconds, not minutes. You get back to work sooner, for less down time.