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Información general

Specifically designed for waste handling and landfill debris environments.


Engine Model C6.6 ACERT™ Cat® C6.6 ACERT™ Cat® Less
Flywheel Power 150.0 hp 111.8 kW Less
Gross Power 173.0 hp 129.0 kW Less
RPM 2200.0 RPM 2200.0 RPM Less
Number of Cylinders 6 6 Less
Bore 4.13 in 105.0 mm Less
Stroke 5.0 in 127.0 mm Less
Displacement 439.0 in3 7.2 L Less

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank 79.0 gal 299.0 L Less


Operating Weight 42454.0 lb 19257.0 kg Less
Operating Weight XL-DS 38224.0 lb 17338.0 kg Less
Shipping Weight XL-DS 37492.0 lb 17006.0 kg Less
Operating Weight LGP-DS 42454.0 lb 19257.0 kg Less
Shipping Weight LGP-DS 41722.0 lb 18925.0 kg Less


Ground Clearance 16.7 in 424.0 mm Less
Width without Blade 98.0 in 2492.0 mm Less
Width with Blade 116.5 in 2960.0 mm Less
Height ROPS/Cab 10.11 ft 3083.0 mm Less
Overall Length Basic Tractor 12.27 ft 3.74 m Less
Overall Length with Blade 18.1 ft 5.53 m Less


Shoes/Side - XL 40 40 Less
Track Gauge – LGP 85.0 in 2160.0 mm Less
Track on Ground - XL 101.6 in 2581.0 mm Less
Track Rollers/Side - XL 7 7 Less
Ground Contact Area – LGP 8122.0 in2 5.24 m2 Less
Ground Contact Area – XL 4882.0 in2 3.15 m2 Less
Shoes/Side – LGP 46 46 Less
Track Gauge – XL 74.0 in 1890.0 mm Less
Track Rollers/Side – LGP 8 8 Less
Track on Ground – LGP 123.0 in 3117.0 mm Less
Width of Shoe – LGP 33.0 in 840.0 mm Less
Width of Shoe – XL 24.0 in 610.0 mm Less


Blade Type SU, VPAT SU, VPAT Less
XL SU-Blade Capacity with Trash Rack 7.8 yd3 6.0 m3 Less
XL SU-Blade Width 10.5 ft 3.19 m Less
XL VPAT-Blade Capacity with Trash Rack 8.4 yd3 6.4 m3 Less
XL VPAT-Blade Width 10.7 ft 3.27 m Less
LGP VPAT-Blade Capacity with Trash Rack 6.0 yd3 4.6 m3 Less
LGP VPAT-Blade Width 13.4 ft 4.08 m Less


Each Additional Shank 172.0 lb 78.0 kg Less


1.0 Forward 2.0 mph 3.3 km/h Less
2.0 Forward 3.5 mph 5.7 km/h Less
3.0 Forward 6.0 mph 9.7 km/h Less
1.0 Reverse 2.5 mph 4.0 km/h Less
2.0 Reverse 4.3 mph 7.0 km/h Less
3.0 Reverse 7.4 mph 12.0 km/h Less

Waste Handling Guards

La amplia protección ayuda a proteger los componentes importantes de la máquina, los tableros de la caja y el sistema de enfriamiento contra los daños que pueden causar las basuras en ambientes difíciles de manipulación de desechos.

Debris Resistant Features

A variety of debris environment features is included with the Waste Handling Arrangement to reduce plugging, extend service life, and enhance productivity.

Required Attachments

These attachments must be ordered in addition to the basic Waste Handling Arrangement.

Recommended Options

Features for peak performance. Several additional options are recommended to assist in matching your site requirements.

Differential Steering System

Differential Steering maintains power to both tracks while turning. Operator controls machine speed, direction and steering with the tiller bar controller, while maximizing production.


Elevated sprocket design isolates the final drives from ground induced impacts for excellent component life. The XL or the LGP configurations allow you to match the machine to your specific application.


Cat elevated sprocket tractors use a new generation modular design that simplifies service and repair. Easy maintenance and fast in-field component exchange gives you more time on the job.

Complete Customer Support

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