324D/324D L

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The Cat® C7 gives the 324D exceptional power and fuel efficiency unmatched in the industry for consistently high performance in all applications.


Cat hydraulics deliver power and precise control to keep material moving.

Operator Station

Designed for comfort, simple and easy operation, the 324D allows the operator to focus on production.


324D structural components and undercarriage are the backbone of the machine's durability.

Booms and Sticks

Designed-in flexibility to help bring higher production and efficiency to all jobs.

Work Tools - Attachments

The 324D has an extensive selection of work tools to optimize machine performance.


A wide variety of optional factory-installed attachments are available to enhance performance and improve job site management.

Service and Maintenance

Simplified service and maintenance features save you time and money.

Complete Customer Support

Cat dealer services help you operate longer with lower costs.

324D/324D L Equipos estándar

Upper Structure
  • Electrical
  • Engine
  • Automatic swing parking park
  • Boom drift reducing valve
  • Boom lowering device for back-up
  • Caterpillar one key security system
  • Counterweight
  • Door locks and cap locks
  • Mirrors, rearview (frame-right, cab-left)
  • Regeneration circuit for boom and stick
  • Reverse swing damping valve
  • Stick drift reducing valve
  • Two speed travel

Operator Station
  • Cab
  • Monitor

  • Grease lubricated GLT2, resin seal
  • Idler and center section track guiding
  • 800 mm (36 in) triple grouser track shoe (324D L)
  • 600 mm (24 in) triple grouser track shoes (324D)

324D/324D L Equipos opcionales

Front linkage
  • Bucket linkage, B1-family with lifting eye
  • Bucket linkage, CB1-family with lifting eye
  • Bucket linkage, DB-family with lifting eye
  • Heavy-duty 5.9 m (19 ft 5 in) Reach Boom (with left and right side light)
  • Heavy-duty 2.95 m (9 ft 8 in) Stick for Heavy-duty Reach Boom
  • Reach Boom 5.9 m (19 ft 5 in) with left and right side light
  • Mass Boom 5.3 m (17 ft 5 in) with left and right side light

  • Standard Undercarriage
  • Long Undercarriage

  • FOGS, Bolt-on
  • Guard, Cab Front
  • Guard, Cab Top
  • Guard, Full Length for Long Undercarriage (two piece)
  • Guard, Heavy-Duty Bottom (4 mm)with out Swivel Guard and Travel Motor Protection
  • Guard, Track End Guide for Long Undercarriage
  • Guard, Track End Guide for Standard Undercarriage
  • Guard, Vandalism
  • Heavy-Duty Swivel Protection, (16 mm) Swivel Guard only
  • Heavy-Duty Travel Motor Protection
  • Net for Front Guard (full net, one piece)
  • Net for Front Guard (half net, one piece)
  • Swivel Protection, (6 mm) Swivel Guard only

Auxiliary Hydraulics and Lines
  • Additional Circuit
  • Boom and Stick Lines
  • Quick Coupler
  • Tool Control System

Operator Station
  • Tempered Glass Windows
  • Polycarbonate Windows
  • Power Supply, 12V-7A (1)
  • Power Supply, 12V-7A (2)
  • Rear Window Emergency Exit
  • Seat, High-back Air Suspension
  • Seat, High-back Air Suspension with Heater
  • Seat, High-back Mechanical Suspension
  • Seat, Low-back Suspension without Headrest
  • Headrest
  • Sunscreen
  • Windshield Wiper, Lower with Washer
  • Working Lights, Cab Mounted
  • Rain Protector for Front Windshield
  • Sun Visor
  • AM/FM Radio
  • Control Pattern quick-changer, Two Way
  • Control Pattern Quick-Changer, Four Way
  • Cat MSS (anti-theft device)
  • Lunch Box with Cover
  • Water Level Indicator for Water Separator

Other Optional Equipment
  • Additional Gear Train for Auxiliary Pump
  • Air Pre-filter
  • Cooling Package, High Ambient with VSF
  • Cooling Package, Semi-High Ambient
  • Electric Refueling Pump with Auto Shut Off
  • Fine Swing
  • Starting Kit, Cold Weather, -32° C
  • Travel Alarm

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