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Información general

Peso 662.0 lb 300.0 kg Less

Identical Performance

Fusion™ performance is virtually identical to pin-on, with all the flexibility of a quick coupler system.

Minimal Offset

The Fusion™ Coupler sits back, close in to the loader arms — minimizing offset, enabling increased machine performance.

Patented Locking

A patented advanced wedging mechanism creates a tight, rattle-free fit, resulting in a long service life.

Open Frame

A new, open coupler frame design clears sight lines from the operator's seat, for loading and unloading confidently and quickly.

Common Interface

The Fusion™ Coupler System gives Caterpillar customers one common interface across the entire range of small and medium wheel loaders.

One Machine, Many Jobs

This expanded machine compatibility allows one machine to use a range of work tools.

One Attachment, Many Machines

Also, one attachment can be picked up by machines of many different sizes.

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