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Información general

Clase de energía de impacto 400.0 pies-lbf 542.0 J Less
Golpes por minuto 780-1800 780-1800 Less
Flujo nominal (Min.) 7.0 gal/min 25.0 L/min Less
Flujo nominal (Máx.) 16.0 gal/min 62.0 L/min Less
Peso en orden de trabajo 551.0 lb 250.0 kg Less
Presión en orden de trabajo 2465.0 lb/pulg² 17000.0 kPa Less
Mín. Peso del portador 3310.0 lb 1500.0 kg Less
Amplitud Peso del portador 7060.0 lb 3200.0 kg Less
Diámetro de la herramienta 1.97 pulg 50.0 mm Less

Operación práctica y cómoda

  • Cat® Hammers are designed for optimum performance and integration with most compact machines.
  • Plug & Perform: no adjustment to pressures or flows is necessary when installing.
  • Hammers are silenced with a lower overall noise level for a quieter, safer job site.
  • Tri-suspension system guides the power cell and gives manageable, smooth performance. The result is a hammer that’s comfortable and responsive to operate.
  • Gas-fired operating cycle delivers consistent, reliable performance over time.
  • Alto rendimiento, valor perdurable

  • Automatic shut-off protects the hammer from blank firing, a key contributor to hammer wear. Hammer is protected, regardless of operator skill level.
  • Hammers adjust automatically to flows and pressures of your Cat carrier providing top performance and long service life.
  • Seal carrier provides maximum gas retention and reliable performance. New design incorporates innovative technology.
  • Tri-suspension system on silenced models protects the power cell and assures reliable operation.
  • Rápido y fácil mantenimiento

  • Grease point is ergonomically located at standing height; it’s comfortable and easy to access.
  • Tool changes are simple and easily accomplished with common hand tools.
  • Power chamber and accumulator pressures can be checked and charged while the hammer is mounted on the machine.
  • Single bushing design is slip fit and field-replaceable. One piece provides proper tool alignment.
  • Cat hammers are designed to rebuild easily, providing lasting value for your hammer investment.
  • Completamente Cat®

  • Los martillos de la serie E reúnen sus expectativas de rendimiento, calidad y facilidad de servicio con nuestra experiencia en diseño, fabricación y logística. Los martillos de la serie E son completamente Cat: desde adentro hacia afuera.
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