In construction these days, you have to do more work in less time—and at lower cost—just to stay competitive. At the same time, construction equipment has become more complex. Checking machine systems with a dipstick and a walk-around isn't enough anymore.

You need hard facts about your equipment. Lots of them. About how well your machines are working. And how efficiently your operation is running.

Fortunately, technology built into today's equipment can give you the timely information you need. Using data from your machines and easy-to-use analysis tools from your Cat® dealer, you can make well-informed and timely equipment management decisions that can help you control costs, improve operations, manage people and reduce risk.

Equipment management pays off...right away.

Your Cat® dealer can help you choose the technologies and services that let you identify immediate opportunities for improvements, then help you track your operations to achieve ongoing improvements.

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Control Costs

How do I reduce the costs of running my equipment?

Cat equipment management technologies help you see exactly where your money goes—where it's being used effectively and where you can potentially cut costs.

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Improve Operations

What can I do to get more done each day?

By tracking when, where and how often your equipment is used, you can identify situations that call for additional machines to meet a deadline or where less equipment is required to complete a job.

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Manage People

How do I help my guys do their jobs more efficiently?

Your people often don't have the time or training to pay proper attention to your equipment. Cat technologies help them work more efficiently while spending less time thinking about the condition of the machines they run.

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Reduce Risk

How do I work around everyday uncertainties?

From weather to labor issues, things beyond your control can affect your equipment and your jobs. Smart equipment management helps you reduce the impact of these day-to-day uncertainties on your work schedules.

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