Smooth Operation & Smart TechnologyFast Forward Your Business with the new D6N

Smooth Operation & Smart Technology
Advantages with Attitude

New features—especially those that ramp up productivity—can really get the conversation started between operators and owners. With new operating technologies that make work faster and easier, the Cat® D6N really has people talking. Watch the video to see what they have to say.

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Advantages with Attitude


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Take me behind the scenes

“Longer life, lower cost—those are the advantages I want."

For generations, equipment owners have trusted the Cat D6 to deliver great performance at the lowest total cost. Today’s D6N carries that legacy forward. With more net horsepower and a standard lock-up clutch torque converter, the new model is up to 10 percent more productive and 10 to 15 percent more fuel efficient than its predecessor. And standard Cat Connect technologies make it easier to grade faster and more accurately–advantages any owner can bank on.

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“With built-in blade technology, it’s easy to get to grade faster.”

Operating a dozer is anything but easy. It takes special skills to do the job right. But when those skills are in short supply, technology can close the gap. The D6N comes standard with Cat GRADE with Slope Assist, Cat Stable Blade and Cat GRADE with Slope Indicate, three user-friendly features that help any operator—from the newbie to the expert—do higher quality grading, faster and with less effort. Optional Cat Connect technologies also deliver powerful advantages. Learn about them now.

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“High resale value makes it a smart investment.”

Run the numbers and you’ll run Cat equipment. Our dozers not only move more material at a lower total cost over a longer life cycle; they also hold their value over time. So you’ll be more apt to get top dollar when you’re ready to sell or trade. But don’t take our word for it. Check out the data in Equipment Watch’s April 2015 Intelligence report. Cat D6-size dozers (150 hp) are in greater demand than competitive models. Expect a similar advantage for your D6N.

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An ultra-efficient powertrain, a high-end cab and simple technologies that make the operator’s job easier. Check out the D6N’s key features now.

More Power to the ground

Take a closer look at the lockup clutch torque converter. See how it works in tandem with a high-efficiency engine to deliver more power with less fuel.

Close the skills gap

Watch three operators with different skills test Cat Grade Control Slope Assist. (Spoiler alert: they all improved, even the expert). Check it out.

gain the advantage More Power to the ground Close the skills gap
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Optimize every move
Optimize every move

Get performance and fuel economy with a Cat C7.1 ACERTTM engine. It’s paired with a new lock-up clutch torque converter to deliver smooth, efficient power. And its Tier 4 emissions technology requires no operator intervention.

Heavy Duty Traction
Heavy Duty Traction

Clearing land? Working a side slope? Navigating rocky terrain? The D6N’s Heavy Duty undercarriage handles tough jobs. For long life and lower costs in abrasive or moderate impact conditions, count on Cat SystemOne™ undercarriage.

Are you burning too much fuel?
Are you burning too much fuel?

Use the Cat Fuel Efficiency Tool to learn your fuel-efficiency, average fuel burn compared to others in your region, plus fuel saving tips.

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Expand your options
Expand your options

Use the D6N in more applications when you equip it with Caterpillar designed blades and rear implements. Choose from our line of Semi-Universal, Straight and Variable Pitch Angle Tilt (VPAT) blades. Or outfit your machine with a multi-shank ripper, winch or drawbar.

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Contact your dealer for more ways to save

There’s no single best way to control costs. Sometimes it’s a matter of buying or leasing the latest technology. Other times it’s right-sizing your fleet, training your operators or leveraging data from your on-board systems. Get advice and solutions from your Cat dealer. Helping you do more and save more. That’s how we’re built. Find your nearest Cat dealer.

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