When It's Right to Rent

Purchasing equipment helps paving contractors build equity in their businesses. However, renting paving equipment may be a better option for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. The perfect combination. Renting allows contractors to select the correct machine for their specific requirements in terms of working width, weight restrictions on access, height or width, optional equipment of the digital sensor type or additional extensions, machine for stabilised or lightly coated sand, and many others.
  2. Handling peak demands. Rental can provide a solution for those who occasionally need to complete work more quickly than their equipment and teams can manage.
  3. Testing. Renting gives owners and operators a chance to evaluate how a machine performs on their jobsites. Can that roller achieve compaction in fewer passes? Does the paver really enhance mat smoothness? Rental helps provide those answers.
  4. Estimating. Pre-determined rental costs make it easier to put together current and future bids.
  5. No capital investment. Renting frees up business capital because a contractor only pays for a machine while it's needed. The capital saved can be applied to other business needs.
  6. Cheaper costs. Contractors who rent avoid numerous costs mainly for servicing, breakdowns and updating their machines at the same time as reducing their payroll and charges for carrying out parts inventories.
  7. Makes storage unnecessary. Transportation arrangements can be made so the machine is delivered to the jobsite—and returned to the Cat dealer from the same jobsite.
  8. Provides access to the latest models. Older equipment can be replaced by new without a large capital outlay. The new equipment, and associated improvements, might boost productivity on a particularly challenging or important job.
  9. Flexibility. It is easy to rent this equipment for a day, week, month or year, with or without an operator, thus allowing them to meet occasional needs.
  10. Customer service. Rental helps contractors handle all those "special requests" key customers make after the job starts.

Contact your Cat Dealer for more information about benefitting from the rental of paving equipment.

What time is the right time to rent
What time is the right time to rent?

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