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Brawn and Brains

Caterpillar’s Operator Training Programs Showcase the Full Benefits of Cat® Equipment for Morgan Corp.

Morgan Corp. Superintendent Eugene Plyer admits he wasn’t excited about traveling to Edwards, Illinois to participate in a week-long operator training program at Caterpillar’s Learning and Demonstration Center.  He was already comfortable in the machines and thought the trip was going to be a waste of time. But after a few days with Caterpillar’s instructor operators, he is the first to admit he was wrong. 

“There is a lot of technology on our machines that we weren’t using, and if we were using it, we weren’t using it to its full potential,” says Plyer. “We have increased our productivity and safety considerably – along with cutting costs. The difference is noticeable.” 

“There is a lot of technology on our machines that we weren’t using, and if we were using it, we weren’t using it to its full potential.”

Caterpillar’s Equipment Training Solutions provides training options depending on a customer’s needs.  Standard programs are in line with dealer and technician training, but the team of instructors also have the skills to customize training to tackle a customer’s specific working environment.  

“These courses are designed to help operators learn beginning through advanced operating principles and techniques,” says Caterpillar training coordinator, Josh Hayes. “The course includes a combination of factual information, operational principles, procedural steps of operation, and problem-solving skills.”  

According to Hayes, customers who take advantage of the training services see improvements in:

  • Machine, Personal and Jobsite Safety 
  • Understanding the Machine’s Monitoring/Warning Systems
  • Machine Knowledge – its capability and limitations 
  • Machine Operation and Best Practices
  • Efficiencies and Production Cycle Times 

 “Morgan Corp. is always on the cutting edge of technology and machine advancements,” says Morgan Corp. Director of Training and Technology Langdon Mitchell. “What we’re seeing in the next generation of Cat equipment is a revolution. This is an exciting time to be in the industry.” 

The course focuses on two major areas:  
Knowledge: That includes general procedures such as safety, maintenance, the operator’s compartment, and equipment options. 

Application:  Provides specific instruction on major tasks in which the machine is used. Within each major section, specific training units are devoted to the major knowledge and skill areas of the job. Instruction is offered using a variety of approaches that include lecture, demonstration of procedures, practice sessions, walkthrough and explanation sessions, on the-job practice, question and answer sessions, and written evaluations. A written exam is also used for review and to see how well operator students have absorbed the materials the instructors have covered.  

“As we continue to expand across the Southeast and the rest of the United States, it is critical we stay ahead of the game,” says Mitchell. “Fully understanding and using all the technology and features on our machines is imperative to Morgan Corp.’s long term success.” 

Watch Morgan Corp. and Caterpillar put the training to work. 


Operator Training from Caterpillar

Operator Training from Caterpillar

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