Power Profile - Eckerd Drug Company

Customer: Eckerd Drug Company

Location: Tampa, Florida

Customer Requirement: Industrial Commercial - Back-Up Power

Scope of Supply: Equipment – 250 kVA Cat UPS module including a 400 kW Cat generator set, Automatic Transfer Switch, and fuel tank

Services: Site evaluations
Delivery, setup and installation
On-site operation and technical maintenance

Cat Rental Power Dealer: Ringhaver Power Systems Tampa, Florida

Power Need

Eckerd needed reliable, continuous power to keep critical data center operations on-line while awaiting the delivery of a permanent replacement system. Because power quality issues would disrupt vital computer applications, a temporary solution was needed quickly.

Total Solutions

Cat Rental Power dealer Ringhaver Power Systems recommended a flywheel-based 250 kVA Cat UPS modular system packaged with a 400 kW generator set with an Automatic Transer Switch and fuel tank. The Ringhaver team conducted a site survey to determine the optimum location and connection to Eckerd’s electrical system. Installation was completed within a two-hour installation window.

The Cat UPS provided clean, quality power to the computer room, which serves as the main data collection center for more than 2,900 nationwide stores. In addition to the UPS, the Cat generator set and fuel tank, contained in a 30 - foot ISO soundproof container outside the building, picked up the noncritical loads during prolonged outages.

With the Cat UPS on-line, anytime the power from the utility was interrupted, the flywheel discharged, providing a continuous source of power until the anomaly passed and utility power returned.


This total solution was ideal for Eckerd – the UPS covered short-term power irregularities while the generator backed up prolonged outages.

"Any minor issues that arose were addressed immediately," said Tom Girvin, Eckerd manager. "Everyone was extremely responsive and helpful."

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Providing power for Eckerd Drug in Tampa, Florida
Providing power for Eckerd Drug in Tampa, Florida