Our Customers

Our Customers

Cat® hydraulic excavator owner David (Dave) Harris is a civil construction contractor from a place called Tarwin Lower in the South Gippsland region of Victoria. Trading as “David Harris Earthmoving”, Dave works mainly in the agricultural and local government sectors providing a wide range of civil construction solutions. Dave has owned Cat equipment for many years but until recently his fleet only included Cat H Series graders as well as H and R Series dozers. Dave was enticed by the Caterpillar Finance package and decided to take a closer look at the D Series excavators. He subsequently purchased a 320D L and a 324D L. A few months have now passed and Dave has had a chance to assess his decision to switch to Cat excavators. Dave provided us with his opinion:

“I am pleasantly surprised with the fuel economy of my Cat excavators,” Dave told us. “Good fuel economy is really important these days, but probably the best thing about these machines is the comfort of the cab and, in particular, the seat. I’ve never seen a seat with so many adjustments; if you can’t get comfortable in a Cat excavator, you’ve got Buckley’s in anything else.” In regard to the operator’s zone, Dave said, “It’s got more air conditioner vents than the others, the cab’s more spacious, and you can just see the quality in the monitor panel and the way it’s all been put together. The vision from the cab is excellent and it’s also really quiet in there which makes a big difference by the end of the day. You look forward to getting in it, rather than looking at it as work.”

When discussing the overall performance of the excavators, Dave told us, “Another thing that makes the Cat excavator superior is the way it digs and runs auxiliary attachments. We do a wide variety of work and use an array of different hydraulic attachments. I’d say that the Cat 320D L and 324D L excavators are roughly 20 to 25% more productive than the other machines I own, and that’s without trading off fuel economy.” As to the balance of the 324D L machine, Dave said, “The 324D L in particular is really stable, it digs like a larger machine and doesn’t move around like a lighter one sometimes can.” He added, “My blokes really love them both and that’s half the battle. I rarely get on them because the boys are happier when they operate the Cat excavators, so I just usually do something else. I suppose that comes with being the boss.”

When asked to elaborate on his overall experience as a Caterpillar customer, Dave said, “Out here, some of the places where we work can get pretty remote, so I need reliable equipment that doesn’t break down. If it does, you need to know that you can get a fitter there quickly, with the right parts and training to get you going again. That’s where Caterpillar has the advantage. I’ve heard people say they just buy Cat products for reliability, but they’ve got a lot more going for them than that and, to be honest, the other equipment I have is reliable, so I guess I bought a Cat excavator for satisfaction.” Dave added, “I knew they’d be a good machine and I already had been a customer of William Adams (Cat Dealer) for some time, so I knew they’d look after me with getting parts and servicing and so on.” We asked Dave if he’d buy another Cat excavator next time he was in the market for a machine. He replied, “I’d certainly look at it first; I’d want to compare it to something to know what sort of a deal I was getting, but I can’t see why I wouldn’t sign up for another Cat excavator, especially with the finance rates they offer. Purchasing a Cat excavator actually ends up cheaper in the long run because it’s worth more at the end.” It sounds like Dave’s mind is already made up.

For more information on Cat hydraulic excavators, contact your local Cat dealer.

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David Harris Earthmoving, Victoria

David Harris Earthmoving, Victoria

Queensland based contractors Q H & M Birt Pty Ltd are a civil construction company with over 30 years experience servicing the mining and gas industries. QBirt, as they’re known, have a fleet comprising some 112 Cat® machines, including four recently purchased excavators. Their already expansive fleet of primarily Cat equipment now includes two 329D L and two 349D L excavators. Quentin Birt, founder and Managing Director, attributes the quality and reliability of the Cat product for the decision to purchase Cat equipment. “You can’t go too far wrong if you buy Cat products,” Quentin told us. “We go to some pretty remote locations such as Groote Eylandt, where we have equipment at present, so if you do have a breakdown or need parts, you have to be able to get someone on the other end of the phone who can help.” When asked what the main factors were in his decision to buy Cat excavators, Quentin replied, “Reliability, but it‘s more about the availability you get from Cat equipment. No-one else has the parts holdings or the service coverage that the Cat dealers offer… it’s just one less thing to contend with."

QBirt offer solutions for the infrastructure needs of large mines and gas projects including the construction of dams, haul roads, land clearing and bulk earthworks. With more than four decades in the industry, Quentin has weathered hardship and lean times by running an efficient operation which starts with the equipment he selects. Dave Wilson is QBirt’s Maintenance Manager, so he sees first-hand what goes on with their equipment and can testify to the advantages of the Cat product. When asked for his thoughts on the value of the Cat product, considering all factors including price point, Dave told us, “…from a cost per hour perspective, the Cat product stacks up well. We get very little down time from the Cat machines, plus parts and information are easy to come by.” He added, “Anything with that Cat logo on it seems to hold its value so you don’t lose much in depreciation when it comes time to trade it or sell it on. When you turn your equipment over at low hours like we often do, strong resale values can really improve your operating costs.

“Over time the machines have got better and Hastings Deering have got bigger with more servicemen and more parts stocking capacity, so although our costs continue to go up, the value we receive is continually improving too.” Dave offered some praise for the value adding services provided by the Cat dealer network. “We use the dealer Partstore™ to order our parts so we can look up what we want and place an order from wherever we are, 24/7. This saves us time and makes sure you’ve always got all the necessary parts books at your fingertips because they’re all on line. I can check price and availability, see where it’s coming from and whether there are used parts available too.” Dave saw this as a real benefit, and added, “We also use Cat Product Link™ to track where our machines are, what hours they’re doing and how they are performing. I get messages sent to my phone to alert me of any problems as they occur. When you take into account the machine, the support and the convenience of being able to monitor and manage your equipment remotely, Cat products offer us the best deal overall.”

We asked Dave how their new excavators are performing. “It’s only early days but so far we haven’t had an ounce of trouble and the feedback we’re getting is all positive. The machines look good, they dig well and they’re good on fuel. If we have a run out of them that’s anything like we do with our other Cat equipment, I’ll be happy. We work them pretty hard and do a lot of hours so I’d say we’ll soon know if there’s cause for concern. So far it’s all positive and I have no reason to anticipate anything otherwise.”

For more information on Cat hydraulic excavators, contact your local Cat dealer.

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Q H & M Birt Pty Ltd, Queensland

Q H & M Birt Pty Ltd, Queensland

Cat® Excavator Puts John Ahead of the Field

It’s always a good sign when you ring a man to talk about his new Cat and he’s too flat out to chat. So it took a couple of tries to pin down John Lacy of DJD Earthmoving to get his opinion on the Cat world-class hydraulic excavator that comes with the ISO-compliant ROPS cab.

“Since purchasing the 336, it’s been working the Sugarloaf water treatment facility,” he said of his 336DL hydraulic excavator. “It’s been loading articulated haul trucks with hard mudstone.”

“How’s it performed?” I asked, given the Sugarloaf area is a major project. It treats up to 30% of Melbourne’s water demand. The reservoir has a capacity of up to 96, 000 million litres.

“Really well in difficult conditions,” John said.

“The ROPS cabins have been coming for a while. I know the quarries have been talking about it for years but Cat are the first ones to do something about it,” John said. Cat has ensured operators are working in world’s best practice conditions, something that John knows helps his business grow.

DJD Earthmoving Pty Ltd started operations in 2001, with just 2 machines and 2 employees, and has now grown to 10 machines and 7 employees. And lately his new machines are from Cat.

“The operators have been very impressed with the new machine,” John said about the 336DL. “They’ve liked the new cabin for its robust construction and user- friendly layout.”

We chatted about one of the key features of the ROPS cabin being the increased visibility. More glass means a 12% increase in operator visibility, which means less chance of an accident. “The operators have found this feature very helpful in tight areas,” he said before discussing how Cat has been able to reduce cabin noise by four decibels. “The reduced noise levels in the cabin have helped with operator fatigue. And another key feature has been the installation of a rear view camera.”

Caterpillar acknowledge that while talk of ROPS is not new to the industry, it’s their investment in designing and manufacturing the cabs so they comply with the ISO 12117-2:2008 ROPS standard that gives customers like John Lacy confidence and peace-of-mind. The ISO 12117-2:2008 standard was written to establish a consistent and reproducible way of assessing the load-carrying characteristics of rollover protective structures for excavators under static loading. It’s now undeniable that Cat hydraulic excavators are built to the pinnacle of design and safety standards. But owners like John Lacy are hardly surprised by yet another innovation from Cat. He’s trusted Cat machines for a while now.

“After taking delivery of a 320DL excavator in September 2008,” he said, “we were happy to add the 336DL to our fleet of machines.”

“So how many Cat machines does that make it now?”

“It takes our total to four including a D6T swamp dozer and a 12H motor grader.”

There was no more time to chat. So I asked John if he had anything else to add.

“The Cat product comes with the best dealer support, servicing and spare parts in the industry and the personnel to match the product. I’m pretty happy. The Cat ROPS cab puts you ahead of the field.”

For more information on Cat hydraulic excavators, contact your local Cat dealer.

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DJD Earthmoving

DJD Earthmoving

Mark Schultz calls a spade a shovel.

And that’s not just because he runs a successful excavation business. It’s because that excavation business has his name on it. So if a piece of equipment is hired out by M.P Schultz Excavations, it’d better be the best.

“We pride ourselves on fast response times to our clients needs,” says Mark. “We’ll be there on time, first time, everytime.”

This commitment to service and delivery doesn’t stop there. Mark expects the same standards from his suppliers as his clients expect from him.

“We only deal with the very best,” adds Mark. “If we hire out a machine that doesn’t exceed expectations, our bottom line suffers. And that’s not good business.”

That’s why Mark has been involved with Cat® machines for the last twenty five years.

“With Caterpillar you know exactly what you’re going to get; great machines, unbelievable back up and service, and a smart sales team that don’t sell from a brochure, they sell from experience. And they’re a global player. They lead the world in research and development.”

And it’s that experience that gets Mark over the line every time.

“You see them bring their staff in to the workshop. They get a feel for the machines, they learn how they work, they know how they perform. Most of their sales team were once fitters or mechanics themselves. They’ve been educated about the whole Cat range from the ground up. So when they talk to you about it they actually know what they’re on about.”

So Mark’s recent purchase of the Cat 319DL Hydraulic Excavator was a no brainer?

“I needed another 20 tonne class machine. This was the latest and compact enough for the jobs at hand. I’m not kidding, it hasn’t had a day off,” he adds, “It’s gone from job to job non stop.”

What do the operators think?

“The current operator just told me he’s going to retire in it!” he laughs, “Then he went on holidays and sent a message back to the bloke who’s using it now and said ‘don’t get too comfy!‘ ’

What’s the attraction?

“It’s safe, efficient, it uses less fuel but doesn’t skimp on performance, and it’s nice and quiet. Caterpillar are really big on safety and the roll over protection is second to none. No wonder the blokes love it. And to top it all off, it’s got this new monitoring system that means I can sit in my office and at anytime check on the computer what it’s up to. How much fuel it’s used, how many hours it’s done and when it’s moving and when it’s not. It’s unbelievable.”

If only that could be done with people.

“Ha,” he adds. “Now there’s a thought.”

For more information on Cat hydraulic excavators, contact your local Cat dealer.

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Mark Schultz, M.P. Schultz Excavations NSW

Mark Schultz, M.P. Schultz Excavations NSW

Peter Kendall knows that to run a successful company you need to be able to predict the future.

Especially in the field of construction.

That’s why as Managing Director of leading civil infrastructure, mining and building contractor, CMC (Civil Mining and Construction Pty Ltd), he makes sure any equipment purchase works for today as well as tomorrow.

“We do a huge amount of work for Government and large mining companies,” Peter tells me from his office in sunny Queensland, “which means we need to be ahead of the game when it comes to reliability, emissions compliance, safety and environmental impact practices. The rules change all the time and if we’re not across them, we’re in strife. That’s why we choose equipment partners who are smart, leading edge and pro active in their outlook.”

Little surprise then Peter chooses to work with Caterpillar.

“If there are changes to the rules, Caterpillar gets on board quickly,” he adds. “It not only gives me peace of mind as a business owner, it gives my operators peace of mind when it comes to using the machinery. That means I get the best people available.”

Did this play a role in his recent purchase of the Cat® 323DL Excavator?

“Absolutely,” Peter replied. “I’m a Diesel Fitter by trade, so I’ve worked with and known Cat products for more than twenty years. One of the things that appeals to me about the brand is there’s a solid consistency across the entire range. Consistency of toughness, reliability, engineering, versatility and ruggedness. It means every time we need to update our vehicles (which we do after 10,000 hours on the job) it’s a no brainer to go with the latest from Caterpillar. There’s something about having them all over our sites that portrays confidence and best practice.”

The ability for new excavators to fit in seamlessly with existing ranges was a big driver for the engineers at Caterpillar. When it came to designing the 323DL it needed to provide the same fuel economy Caterpillar has become known for without compromising on power and return on investment. This cleverly built excavator outperforms a 20 tonner without the fuel burn of a 25 tonner. This means the 323DL is a worthwhile investment at the beginning of its working life with CMC as well as at the end of it.

“Resale on Cat products is the best of any brand I know,’ adds Peter. “And that’s an important factor in the decision making process. With the safety, reliability and advanced environment and emissions control of the Cat range including the 323DL the risk is taken out of the purchase decision. Quality is everything for us. In our work, in our people and in our machinery. The best attracts the best. And that’s how we like to keep it.”

Peter knows that great equipment is nothing without great service to back it up. “Customer service and back up is easily as important as the excavators performance. Seriously without it you’ve only got half the deal. Caterpillar’s service and knowledge is second to none. People know what they’re on about. It makes it easier for me as a business owner and that’s a fact worth its weight in gold.”

For more information on Cat hydraulic excavators, contact your local Cat dealer.

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Peter Kendall, CMC QLD

Peter Kendall, CMC QLD

Cat® Machines Above Par at Subzero Mining

Phil Cruz, the Sales Director of Subzero Mining Services, is ahead of his time. We were discussing the latest Cat® hydraulic excavators and their ROPS cab when he revealed that he had been on to Cat about ROPS cabs for years.

“The majority of our work is in the mining sector,” Phil said. “It’s a requirement that all equipment be fitted with certified ROPS cabins. Subsequently we have been fitting non-OEM ROPS cabins to our excavators for some time. So buying a Cat machine with a factory-fitted ROPS is a lot smarter than the expense and time associated with fitting the other style cabs.”

Subzero Mining Services is part of the Subzero group. It has more than 300 employees and 20 Cat machines in the fleet. The latest is a Cat 320DL with the ISO 12117-2:2008 compliant cab. Safety is always a massive consideration, especially given the nature of the jobs. Rollovers can happen, and damage to the excavator and injury to the operator can be extensive.

“I’ve never witnessed an excavator rollover, but I’ve certainly seen plenty of incidents and pictures of excavators that have. It’s not a pretty sight, and it’s when you see those images that it reminds you just how little protection a standard cabin offers an operator, particularly when a machine rolls the wrong way. So Cat releasing the new D-Series excavators is quite timely.”

His operators aren’t just happy with the protection the Cat range of hydraulic excavators offers in a rollover. It’s the new cab design where they can quite literally see the benefits.

“The operators are pleased they no longer have the old ‘four post’ style ROPS structure,” Phil said. “This old structure obstructed their vision. They’re really surprised that this new cab that now offers more protection can also provide better visibility.”

And the story gets better for Subzero. Because the Cat cabs are ISO compliant, Subzero can assure their clients that the trickier jobs will be undertaken in the safest working environment possible. So jobs are easier to secure and more profitable in the long term.

“Excavators are often put in a situation where there is a chance of rollover, such as working on a bench or on the edge of a dam,” Phil said. “Often we were forced to use other methods to do the most simple task because the client deemed the risk too high by having an excavator without a ROPS doing the job.”

Phil Cruz has been ahead of the game right from the start. He secured finance through Cat Financial, something he said was simple, even through the GFC when other financiers lacked the commitment to a partnership.

“Cat listened to our ideas. And the subsidized interest rate is obviously well under the market rate, and it’s just another reason why we buy Cat gear,” Phil said before adding he’ll be shopping for more Cat machinery to replace some of the machines that have been on long-term dry hire agreements.

“When you consider the civil sector is also following suit with the mines and insisting on only using excavators with ROPS on some jobs, Cat are bound to get a bigger slice of the sales market.”

For more information on Cat hydraulic excavators, contact your local Cat dealer.

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Subzero Mining

Subzero Mining

How It All Came Together with Synergy

They say opposites attract but in truth companies with similarities will always work harder and smarter together. Just ask Andrew Reardon, the General Manager of Synergy Resource Management and Managing Director of Synergy Civil that comprise the Synergy Group. We were chatting about the world’s best practice safety standards of the Cat® hydraulic excavators. I’d asked him whether there had ever been an incident on site that led him to Cat because of the introduction of their factory-fitted ROPS (Roll Over Protection Structure) technology.

Surprisingly, he said no. But what he said next made it all a lot clearer.

“No, there was no incident,” he said. ‘And the recent introduction of ROPS technology by Cat to their excavators was not a deciding factor in the selection of the machines.”

So what was it?

“Caterpillar and the Synergy Group share similarities,” he said. “The delivery of innovative product and service solutions has always been a major focus for Caterpillar, and workplace health and safety is a priority on Synergy’s projects.”

It’s a claim Andrew can make with confidence. The Synergy Group employs 25 and manages a variety of tricky projects. Synergy provides environmental and civil contracting services across sectors and levels of government. Synergy specialises in environmental remediation, decontamination, water treatment, heritage building repairs and civil construction. Clearly, Synergy is flexible and the greater scope demands an increased reliance on one specific - safety. Andrew knows that Synergy must keep their operators safe.

“Caterpillar obtaining ISO compliancy for rollover protection standard ISO 12117-2:2008 is also a huge plus for Synergy. We now have excavators on our projects with that added level of security for our operators,” he said. 
The Synergy Group has a collection of Cat hydraulic excavators. They own a 308DCR, two 312DLs, a 324DL and a 329DL, which handle all sorts of sensitive and tough jobs - from the sometimes precarious historical excavation to the muscle needed in civil construction. To add to the versatility of the machines Synergy Group also uses a variety of attachments.

“The new Cat excavators combined with our array of attachments provide Synergy with an integrated capacity to deal with our variety of projects to ensure clients’ requirements are achieved on budget and on time,” Andrew concluded.

It’s a case of two companies with safety and success in common.

For more information on Cat hydraulic excavators, contact your local Cat dealer.

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Synergy Civil

Synergy Civil