Customer Testimonials - M-Series - Cat® Motorgraders

Customer Testimonials - M-Series - Cat® Motorgraders

John Lyons has been Manager of Construction and Maintenance for the best part of his 17 years with Moyne Shire Council. During this time he’s been involved in large-scale projects, supervising and managing all outdoor works.

“The Council owns four Cat® Graders” explains John. “Two 12H’s, a 12H Plus and our most recent acquisition - the Cat 12M.

“When deciding on purchases we run a very extensive ‘whole of life’ cost evaluation over any machine we’re considering. This takes in to account whole of life costings, OH&S, and operator acceptance. By the end of this process we finish up with a cost benefit ratio. When we ran this process recently, the figures came out well and truly in favour of the Cat M Series.

“When we introduced the grader to the operators they were very apprehensive about the joysticks” he smiles wryly. “Where was the steering wheel they asked? You can’t drive a grader without a steering wheel surely?”

“It’s true,” agrees Rob Jenkins, an operator with the shire. “I was a bit concerned about the joysticks at first, although I was still keen to get in and have a go.”

“And you took to it like a duck to water,” adds John.

“Oh yeah,” enthuses Rob. “I’ve got to say the M Series is just unbelievable from my point of view. I was speechless after a couple of days it’s just unreal. It’s got excellent visibility and you can sit in the chair for 10 hours straight and still feel completely fresh at the end of the day. And it’s a lot quieter than anything else I’ve driven I’ll tell you that much.”

And the joysticks?

“Oh they are so easy to get used to - it’s incredible” smiles Rob. “Seriously I can’t believe how quickly I got in to it. Let’s just say there’s a fair bit of competition amongst the operators to see who scores the 12M. It’s just the perfect machine.”

“Yep” agrees John. “The feedback I’ve had from everyone is that it’s very user friendly, and that the joystick controls are much less strenuous. From my point of view the output is more than satisfactory and I really believe there are significant OH&S benefits for our employees.

“When you combine all this with the fantastic back up and support from William Adams it’s a great asset. They (William Adams) have always been professional and reliable.

“I hear that Caterpillar has been designing graders for 80 years. No wonder. They have constantly refined their product. I’ve had a great relationship with them for many, many years now and I would hope and expect that to continue.”

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