Peter Anderson – Owner/Operator, Anderson Grading, Western Australia

Peter Anderson – Owner/Operator, Anderson Grading, Western Australia

Anderson Grading began just five years ago but its founder Peter Anderson has a long history of driving motor graders.

"I've been driving graders for 30 years now and I've had my own for the last five years. We mainly do road works including highways and freeways in the city and the bush, along with airports in the bush as well. Since I’ve had my own business, I’ve only bought Cat® graders and I wouldn’t buy anything else.

"I bought my first 12H five years ago - I did 6,500 hours in that and then I traded it in on a 12M. I had that for a couple of years, then I traded it in on a 140M and I haven't looked back.

“To me Cat graders are reliable and amazingly economical, and the service and back-up is brilliant.

"The joysticks are amazing. They were a bit scary at first because I hadn’t driven with them before, but pretty soon I got used to them and they’re just brilliant. I feel like you’re sitting in a lounge chair. They provide me a dramatic increase in productivity because they make it a lot quicker and easier for me to work. Plus the visibility is fantastic. I don't have to lean forward anymore. I just sit back and everything is where I need it to be.

“I can sit in the M Series now for 10 hours and get out feeling good. I’m not fatigued or anything like that.

“The AccuGrade™ is extremely precise; it’s just so easy to use that it makes the job go quicker.
And the M Series is easier to operate. Even when I stop/start I don't have to actually stop - I use shuttle shift so I can be going backwards and then flick it to go forward which is a lot quicker and better.

"I've stuck with Cat graders because with Caterpillar I know I’ve got the back-up and the service. Caterpillar has always been there for me and my business and has always backed me up when I've needed them to.

"During my 30 years of driving graders, I've looked at other brands but at the end of the day there's only one and that's Caterpillar. The back-up and the resale value are unbeatable in my opinion. Look, it's just a great machine, end of story.

"Caterpillar is celebrating its 80th year this year. And I for one hope they keep going. I'm sure they will, and I'll always be one of their customers."

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