Peter Bonser – Workshop Foreman, Gilgandra Shire Council, Gilgandra, NSW

Peter Bonser – Workshop Foreman, Gilgandra Shire Council, Gilgandra, NSW

Peter’s role at the council involves the maintenance and repair of machines, but more recently he’s been involved with purchasing and having a bit of input into what the Shire buys and what is suitable for the local conditions.

“With the M Series our overall life-cycle costs will be reduced with this machine, and with the operator ease and accessibility to all service points being a lot better, I think we’re on a winner,” says Peter. “I also think we should be able to adapt more operators into this type of machine.

“When we first saw the machines with the joysticks, though, it was a bit daunting for everyone but more so for the older operators. But when they got in and had a go, the first thing they noticed was the fantastic visibility. This was such a positive that they wanted to give the joysticks a go. And once they got up and running, there were no problems at all.

“With the low-level servicing and ground filling of the machines, it also helped with our OH&S which is getting stricter and stricter all the time and you’ve got to comply. And as technology improves, you’ve got to run with it and not stick with the old stuff. So that also made an impact on what we were going to buy.

“As far as the maintenance side goes, they’ve gone from 250 to 500-hour service intervals. The machines are that far advanced that they don’t really require a lot of maintenance because there’s a lot less moving parts on the M Series compared to older machines. So we’ve found that it’s actually cut the overall costs of the maintenance down by about 16 hours a year, which adds up over time and contributes to the reduction in overall cost of the machine. And the more time the machine’s working, the more time it’s making money.

“Plus, having a local dealer makes it a lot easier for servicing and any maintenance requirements we have.

“Overall, I think the M Series is a far superior machine and, from a novice point of view, anyone should be able to operate with the joystick controls and adapt pretty fast.”

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