Add Specialty Machines to Your Fleet Through Your Cat® Dealer

Mixed fleets are a fact of life in today’s challenging construction industry. Vital machines with various brand names perform specific job functions. However, mixed fleets may cause some major contractors headaches due to issues with service support, operator training and/or financial acquisition parameters.

Cat® dealers can offer purpose-built solutions based on partial Cat machines or high levels of Cat product content. These machines are manufactured by industry-known original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who have a relationship with Caterpillar through its OEM Solutions Group. The results of such relationships yield solutions with a combined heritage of premier up time, leading-edge technology and jobsite efficiency.

Examples of OEM machines available through your local Cat dealer include:

  • Water trucks provide construction sites with a portable solution for dust control and surface preparation.
  • Foundation drills are instrumental in site preparation, road development, and below-grade construction to assure that construction is established on firm footing.
  • Lift trucks are necessary on construction sites to move across a variety of terrains, ensuring the right materials are in there when needed.

In order to meet the needs of contractors, who must be nimble in today’s environment of rapidly changing technology and innovation, many OEMs rely on the experience and knowledge of Caterpillar OEM Solutions Group to integrate their expertise with a partial machine or system from Caterpillar.

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Specialty Machines
Contact Caterpillar OEM Solutions for more information on specialty machines available through your Cat® dealer.

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