Cat Machine Drive Power

Measure What Matters

Cat® Machine Drive Power (MDP) measures soil density under broader conditions—and with improved accuracy. Your operators will be able to measure all soil types, and move onto the next project segment or a new jobsite with confidence that compaction requirements have been met.

Wider Application Range

  • MDP works well on all soil types: fines, granular and cohesive
  • MDP works on smooth drums, padfoot drums and smooth drums equipped with padfoot shell kits
  • MDP works with the vibe system on or off, enabling operators to measure during working passes, and shut the vibe system off for proofing passes
  • System is scalable to meet your requirements

More Confidence in Measurement

  • MDP measures what matters
    • Closer to the depth that the machine is able to compact
    • Closer to the thickness of the lift
  • MDP measurements are more easily correlated to portable measuring devices that testing personnel utilize (plate load test, for example)
  • MDP is simpler than accelerometer-based measurement
    • Materials that are less stiff require more energy to propel through
    • Materials that are more stiff require less energy to propel through
    • Accelerometer-based measurement is “theoretical”
  • MDP measurements are less affected by the dampening effect of cohesive soils; you can trust the measurement
  • Measurement is more trustworthy because of less variability when compared with other compaction measurement technologies.
  • Talk with our compaction experts to learn more about MDP and measuring what matters.

How does MDP work?

MDP measures the energy necessary to overcome rolling resistance, a more tangible and direct measurement of soil stiffness.

A vibratory soil compactor with Machine Drive Power
A vibratory soil compactor with Machine Drive Power

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