Cat® Grade Control for Dozers

Cat® Grade Control for Dozers

Cat Grade with Slope Assist

Take the guesswork (and rework) out of grading with Cat GRADE with Slope Assist. Find out how it makes grading easy by automatically maintaining the blade’s angle, without the use of external lasers or GPS.

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Cat Grade with 3D

Get blade tip position and elevation guidance in real time with Cat Grade with 3D. Find out how it helps operators work more productively and hit target grade faster, with greater accuracy, in fewer passes.

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The Versatile Cat® D6T, D7E and D8T Dozers

There are more Cat® Track-Type Tractors on job sites around the world than any other tractor brand. See the D6T, D7E and D8T in action and you can understand why.

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Get the Accuracy You Want

GRADE technologies allow you to boost grading efficiency by as much as 50 per cent.

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Cat GRADE with Slope Assist

Now operators can reach target slopes faster and more efficiently— thanks to a system that maintains the dozer blade angle.

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