Slope Assist

New Cat Connect Technology improves operator performance


Automatically maintains dozer blade angle for greater accuracy

Cat® GRADE with Slope Assist can help operators reach their target slopes faster and more effectively. It’s all thanks to a system that automatically maintains the dozer’s established blade angle. Along with in-cab guidance, it allows operators to work more accurately and efficiently, with fewer passes and less effort. It’s available on Cat D3K2, D4K2, D5K2 and D6N Tier 4 Final dozers.

Get Cat GRADE with Slope Assist for your dozer*

Take advantage of all the benefits:

  • Boost productivity through accuracy and consistency
  • Work confidently, without guesswork
  • Work efficiently on every pass to avoid rework
  • Get more done with less physical effort with automated controls
  • Save money on start-up costs as grade technology is already built in

* available on Cat D3K2, D4K2, D5K2 and D6N Tier 4 Final dozers


Cat K-Series: Smoothest Grading Dozer

Check out the new Cat small dozer that’s making a big splash in the industry. Featuring Cat Slope Assist, the new K2 Small Dozers help you get more done, day in and day out.


Reach Your Target Fast

Cat Slope Assist makes grading easy by automatically holding blade angles without any external laser or GPS reference.

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The new Cat D6N gives you top performance at the lowest possible cost. With Cat Connect technologies as a standard feature, check out the dozer people are proud to own and operate.

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