Equipment Management

Equipment Management Services

Cat® Equipment Management Services

How much more could you accomplish if you had easy access to experts skilled in maintaining equipment health, controlling operating costs and identifying operator training opportunities? Find out with Cat® Equipment Management Services.

Equipment Management Services help you stay on top of equipment monitoring, maintenance and repairs without adding headcount—even freeing up your internal resources for other jobs. Working with your Cat dealer, you can get a better handle on performance benchmarks, identify areas for improvement and keep every asset operating at the highest level.


Keep every asset operating at the highest level

With Cat Equipment Management Services, you can stay on top of asset monitoring, maintenance and repairs to keep your performance high and your costs low.

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Cat Connect Technology & Services

Cat Connect Technology & Services


Construction Webinar Series

The construction webinar series is designed to share how Caterpillar can help you address concerns such as lowering costs, improving safety and increasing productivity.

Meet the Caterpillar Construction Experts

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