Fatigue Schedule Analysis

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Fatigue Schedule Analysis: Align Shifts with Operator Sleep Patterns


Discover if current scheduling practices are putting operators at risk. Rework schedules to put better rested, more motivated and higher-performing operators on the job.

In a Fatigue Schedule Analysis, Caterpillar safety experts take a close look at your existing work schedules and human resources data (along with Sleep Profile Reporting data, if available) to predict operator performance and model “what if?” scenarios. You receive a detailed report highlighting any operational risks with your existing schedules, along with recommendations for more optimal work shifts and roster designs.



Getting Started with Cat Safety Services

How do you know which service is right for your operation? The Caterpillar Safety Services team is here to help. We’ll work with you to determine where your operation is on its safety journey and recommend steps you can take to move toward zero-incident performance. That may be one service or a combination of services that work together to help you build a safety-first culture. Cat® Safety Services are scalable, so you can start with just what you need and add on when it makes sense for your operation. 

If you're concerned that fatigue may be creating safety issues in your operation, talk to our experts about the services available to help you measure and manage risk. 


Fatigue Risk Assessment

Take a data-driven approach to reduce fatigue- and distraction-related accidents and lost-time injuries.

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Operator Safety Monitoring

Bring fatigue and distraction prevention into the cab with the dealer-installed Driver Safety System.

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Cat Connect Technology & Services


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The construction webinar series is designed to share how Caterpillar can help you address concerns such as lowering costs, improving safety and increasing productivity.

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